“Our mission is to make effective use of an abundant untapped resource to promote sustainable food, Thanks to Algae!” | Olmix


“Our mission is to make effective use of an abundant untapped resource to promote sustainable food, Thanks to Algae!”

Last November, Olmix Group participated in the VI Redealgas Workshop in Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The company was represented by Dr Raquel Pereira, Technical Coordinator in South America, who delivered a lecture on the Olmix Group diverse fields of activity.

Once again, the VI edition of the Redealgas Workshop gathered hundreds of professional for a five-day conference programme in Arraial do Cabo, Brazil. This year, the event shed light on current research themes and perspectives from the Brazilian Algae Research Group, including topics such as food, pharmaceutical drugs, agriculture, cosmetics, biofouling, veterinary application, environmental remediation and sustainable bioenergy.

As one of the participants of the event, Olmix Group was invited to share its knowledge and expertise on the matter on stage. Dr Raquel Pereira, Olmix’s Technical Coordinator in South America, shared with the audience the main points of the Olmix’s strategy to bring algae-based natural solutions for animals, plants, and humans, as well as introducing the company’s philosophy and global message:

“As a specialist in marine biotechnology, Olmix Group provides natural sources of nutrition and health to plants, animals, and people, for a complete and consistent food and health chain with less pesticides, antibiotics and chemicals. Therefore, it can be said that research is one of the Olmix Group pillars: 12% of the profits are applied in the R&D department to keep the innovation up. On the other hand, Olmix’s commercial structure is based on a network of 27 establishments covering more than 100 countries on the five continents. The company has 11 production facilities in Europe and 1 recently inaugurated in Asia. So far, Olmix Group has 14 patents and 24 products in its three divisions: Animal Care, Plant Care and Human Care”, she explained.

Last, Ms Pereira put the focus on the Olmix’s registered Marine Sulphated Polysaccharides, the MSP®, which are the business key of the company and a firm guarantee of the sustainability of all its products: “The Marine Sulphated Polysaccharides MSP® extracted from algae are one of the most functional active compounds in the Olmix products. Because of Olmix Group innovative character, in tune with the change of environmental regulations in the world, constitutes an important reference in sustainable development”.