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Reinforcing shrimp natural defences

By February 4, 2019January 15th, 2024Immunity, Animal Care
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Olmix Group shared the latest results of its algae-based programme for aquaculture at CIAC 2019 in Mexico.

The 1st International Aquaculture Congress on Shrimp Production was successfully held in the city of Obregon, Mexico, where Olmix Group was invited to share the latest advances in research that has led the company to develop new strategies to reinforce the immune system and digestive efficiency of shrimp.

As well explained by Mr Maarten Jay Van Schoonhoven, Aqua Care Manager from Olmix Group, algae are the resource that enables the French Group to develop several key solutions to encourage sustainable aquaculture practices within the industry, specially thanks to their diverse use and properties.

Algae are a source of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, minerals, pigments, vitamins and secondary metabolites. Olmix Group is an expert in algae processing from harvest to final innovative products. Thanks to a complete marine algae processing chain and a unique biorefinery process, Olmix possesses the ability to extract innovative biologically active molecules, named MSP®”, he said.

These specific algae extracts from Olmix Group, MPS®, were born thanks to pure research and development.

Mr Maarten Jay van Schoonhoven (Olmix Group).

In 2016, Olmix Group and the French National Public Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA) demonstrated the effect of MSP® on immune modulation in cellular models, including the identification of the metabolic pathways involved in this activation. (Berri et al. 2016 and 2017). This specific extract, originated from green algae, was named MSP®IMMUNITY.

Later on, another research study conducted at IBD (Intestinal Biotech Development, France), identified a red algae extract able to improve gut epithelium integrity by triggering the production of mucins and reinforcing tight junctions. The extract, named MSP®BARRIER strengthens the first line of defence in animals against pathogens.

In addition, another algae extract, MSP®MUCIN, promotes the integrity of the mucus layer in the intestinal tract and thus has a positive impact on the digestive welfare of animals.

And last, but not least, MSP®LIPIDS aim to the regulation of lipid metabolism.

The diverse biological properties that algae possess are used to boost animal health and welfare. Extraction and identification are the keys to reveal their full potential! Thanks to Olmix’s innovative technology, we have come up with different specific extracts that have different purposes. Recent trials show that these marine polysaccharides from macroalgae cell walls have a great impact in shrimp health and digestive welfare”, Mr Maarten Jay van Schoonhoven said.

To shed some more light on the benefits of these marine polysaccharides, results were shared of recent trials that Olmix Group has carried out in India, Mexico and Vietnam applying Searup®, DigestSea and Algimun® in different stages of shrimp production.

Recent trials show that synergistic effects of Digestsea and Searup® have many benefits, such as…

  • Improved growth in all treated ponds.
  • Improved feed intake in treated ponds.
  • Improved survival in all treated ponds.
  • Resulted in better meat quality and pigmentation in treated ponds.
  • Loose muscle reduced.
  • More lipid in the hepatopancreas.
  • Improved tolerance to different diseases

The same innovative technology has been put into our latest product Algimun®, which combines the health boosting effects of MSP®IMMUNITY and the gut integrity of MSP®BARRIER. Algimun significantly reduced the mortality of juvenile shrimp when challenged with V. parahaemolyticus bacteria causing APHND”.

Olmix Group at CIAC 2019.