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Our history

Our history is rooted in nature for 25 years

A man of the land,
a vision inspired by the sea

Seeing the effects of ever more intensive agriculture, from soil depletion to the increased vulnerability of crops and livestock, inspired our founder, Hervé Balusson, to seek his lifelong mission.

This clear-eyed yet visionary entrepreneur and his team aimed to help farmers make their businesses efficient for the long term while protecting the health of themselves, their consumers and that of the environment. How? Through a proactive approach to researching alternative solutions to the synthetic agricultural inputs upon which modern agriculture has become over-reliant.

Hervé Balusson
Founder & Chairman
of the Board

To make this vision a reality,
Olmix was founded.

It started with the exploration of the possibilities offered by seaweed, an abundant local natural resource with powerful, yet under-researched and under-exploited, properties.

After initial success with livestock biosourced solutions, our investigations extended to the plant world.


July 2023
Acquisition of the Brazilian Company: Yes Sinergy
In addition to strategic geographic complementarities in Latin America, this acquisition reinforces Olmix international manufacturing footprint, as well as access to biosourced yeast-based solutions.

February 2023
Acquisition of Bois Valor – to accelerate plant essence-based solutions

Olmix – INRAe Framework agreement
Motion Equity Partners entry in Olmix capital

Acquisition of PRP Technologies

20th anniversary

In 20 years, Olmix has evolved from a company mainly focused on animal care, to a global Group active in the broad fields, Plant and Animal Care, with a single global strategy: One Health thanks to algae.

Launch of the ULVANS programme

Emergence of the For Vet animal health range and filing of patents.
Seaweed becomes the basis of research programs. Characterization of MSP® (sulphated marine polysaccharides), the basis of product innovation.

Growth in sales
Geographical expansion
Development of subsidiaries through internal and external growth

Filing of the Amadéite® layered clay patent
Creation of a new clay- and seaweed-based biomaterial

Creation of an R&D department

Launch of the Eco-concept brand and the MonaLisa (Eureka) programme

European Trophy for animal welfare
Introduction of the innovative Mistral concept

Creation of an export department
One person dedicated to exports in a company of 15 employees.

Creation of the Mistral brand
2nd know-how: clays, development of the first natural solution to reduce the use of antibiotics

Creation of Olmix

To extract value from the by-products of copper ore processing.