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Plant Care / Agro-supply industries

Olmix ingredients for Agro-supply industries (Fertilizer, Seed and Crop protection)

Fertilizer, seed and plant protection manufacturers are keeping up with the changes in agriculture. While so-called conventional inputs still have a place in technical processes, the development of new solutions is being driven by regulatory changes, climate change and energy constraints. Thanks to its expertise in the development of biobased active ingredients and in formulation, Olmix Plant Care supports manufacturers in the evolution of their product ranges. 

Be it biostimulants for seeds, microplastic-free seed coating, nutrition stimulators for fertilizer blends, active ingredients for foliar biostimulants… Olmix Plant Care works closely with its partners to develop solutions tailored to their objectives.

These solutions act via the various interfaces of the living world: soil, seed, root and leaf, and activate the natural functions of soils and plants to complement the functionalities of conventional inputs.

Coating the seed

  • to aggregate the various specialties on the seed
  • to avoid dust when handling
  • to smooth seed flow during sowing
  • to identify treated seeds by color

Stimulate germination

  • to accelerate germination speed
  • to stimulate the emergence of primary roots
  • to boost the strength of young plants

Improving root nutrition efficiency

  • to improve the bioavailability of fertilizing units in mineral and organic fertilizers

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Agro-supply industries

The terms “Foliar Biostimulant, Rooting stimulators, Nutrition activators” are used only to organize and present Olmix products on this website. They do not in any way refer to the official registration class of the products according to the regulations. Visitors to the site, as well as purchasers/users of the products, should refer to the information on the product data sheets and product labels.

  • sacherie neutre Olmix


    Nutrition stimulator for organic fertilizers
  • sacherie neutre Olmix


    Nutrition stimulator for fertilizer blends

All crops group

Field crops and Forage

Biostimulants and nutritional solutions adapted to field and forage crops

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Grapes and Fruits

Biostimulants and nutritional solutions adapted to viticulture and arboriculture

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Biostimulants and nutritional solutions, adapted to the needs of market gardeners

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Turf & Landscape

Biostimulants and nutritional solutions for sports turf and landscaping to help sports field managers and community leaders meet these challenges

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Agro-supply industries

Biostimulants for seeds, microplastic-free seed coating, nutrition stimulators for fertilizer blends, active ingredients for foliar biostimulants

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