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Animal Care solutions

Biosourced solutions for improved animal welfare and hygiene

Olmix’s mission is to help farmers improve their profitability by providing sustainable, biosourced solutions. Committed to the global agricultural transition, Olmix strives towards better practices for a lower impact on the environment.

Global programs for Animal Care

Through innovations issued from seaweed, Olmix Animal Care has developed a full range of solutions acting on 5 key factors influencing the welfare and the performance of livestock animals. 

Olmix Animal Care offers solutions that improve the welfare and performance of the animals by improving the environmental hygiene, enhancing their immune defense, guaranteeing the digestive welfare, increasing the mineral and digestive efficiency and fighting mycotoxins present in the feed.

This global strategy contributes to reducing the agriculture impact on the environment: it allows to adjust to climate changes consequences, to reduce farming carbon foot print and the use of medication, while supporting the fight against antibiotic resistance, while improving the quality of the final product.

External ecosytem

Environmental hygiene

Internal ecosytem

Mycotoxin risk

Internal ecosytem

Digestive welfare

Internal ecosytem

Digestive efficiency

Internal ecosytem


All the industry stakeholders involved

Olmix Animal Care has developed products for all the stakeholders in livestock breeding, aquaculture and pets: farmers, veterinarians, feed millers and premixers.

Solutions For Farm

Biosourced solutions to improve environmental hygiene and ensure optimum performance

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Solutions For Feed

Biosourced in-feed solutions to support optimum digestive and immune functions and secure performance

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Solutions For Vet

Biosourced nutraceutical supplements to support physiological functions of the animals

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Natural innovative solutions since 1995

The desire to provide natural alternatives for agriculture led to the creation of Olmix Group in Bréhan, at the heart of Brittany, in 1995. Within more than 25 years, the company has become one of the major global specialists in marine biotechnology and green chemistry.

Olmix’s journey first started with the sourcing of trace elements. Being in the husbandry business, the idea soon grew to produce natural solutions for agriculture, giving rise to innovations which gave birth to the first environment safety tool of the group: MISTRAL®

The journey continued with an ambitious research program, seeking solutions to one of the major threats to animals: mycotoxins. MT.X+® was born from the association of micronized clays and seaweed extracts. It was soon followed by MBIOTA® and MFEED+®, products designed to improve digestive welfare and efficiency – also based on algoclay technologies.

Olmix Group has entered the molecular dimension with a new generation of products born from ULVANS & ALGOLIFE research programs aiming to isolate algae active principles and find new associations to cover all husbandry challenges: SEAGUT® PASTE, SEAGUT®  POWDER, SEALYT®, DIETTM, SEARUP®, DIGESTSEA®, SEABIOTATM and ALGIMUN®.

Seaweed is a great source of marine biotechnology, which is at the heart of Olmix’s vision.

At the forefront of innovation, YesSinergy (an Olmix Group company) uses biotechnology to redefine standards in animal nutrition.
The search for effective, safe and sustainable solutions has led to the creation of natural additives. These not only replace traditional antibiotics, but also take animal nutrition to new heights.

The careful application of biotechnology allows us to develop highly bioavailable products, promoting the balance of the intestinal microbiota, preventing the harmful effects of mycotoxins and strengthening animals’ immune defenses.