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Mycotoxin Risk management

At the heart of Olmix’s mission are innovative tools designed to deepen our understanding of mycotoxins and facilitate their managements.

The Myco’Evaluator offers a thorough risk assessment, while the Myco’Calculator provides precise calculations for personalized management. Anticipate potential scenarios with the Myco’Simulator, available on Google Play and the App Store. Stay informed with MycoNews, your dedicated news source for mycotoxins. Streamline your approach to food safety and animal health with Olmix’s solutions.


The Myco’Evaluator allows to identify risk factors of mycotoxin contamination thanks to the audit of crop management, storage conditions and animals’ symptoms.

The Myco’Screen complete package is aimed to provide all the tools to help feed millers, nutritionists and farmers to optimize their mycotoxin analysis strategy for a better mycotoxin risk management.

The Myco’Calculator allow to calculate the optimum dosage of MT.X+/MMi.S with a precision of 100g/ton of feed.

The Myco’Simulator allows to display the 6 major mycotoxins in 3D, to compare them and to have access to their physiochemical characteristics and information on their toxicity towards animals.