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About Olmix

Innovative biosourced solutions for a smart and sustainable agriculture

The best of nature and science

Olmix is a global company specialized in developing, producing and distributing high-value biosourced solutions for livestock and crop farming in more than 100 countries across the world. 

Thanks to its portfolio of high quality end-products and ingredients, Olmix is a preferred partner of farmers, distributors and farm supply manufacturers worldwide, enabling smart and sustainable farming. 

Its Animal Care division develops innovative technologies to improve animal welfare and hygiene, reduce mycotoxin risks, improve mineral and digestive efficiency and boost animals’ natural defenses while combining economical performance and reduction of the impact on environment.

Its Plant Care division develops innovative technologies to improve soil fertility, increase fertilization efficiency and reduce the impact of stress on plants to reconcile economic and environmental performance.

Founded in central Brittany in 1995, Olmix now employs 900+ staff members, is present in more than 100 countries and operates nine industrial plants, including a unique biorefinery specialized in seaweed processing.


Agriculture is one of the most fundamental areas of our lives, influencing our health, our environment, our economy and society as a whole.

As agriculturalists ourselves, we are committed to working responsibly in the interests of farmers and for the benefit of society.

We rely on the power of nature, offering a helping hand to strengthen natural growth and defense, and develop and promote the capacity of animals and plants to reach their full potential. We think that’s a fair deal.

As entrepreneurs, we are always finding new solutions for farms based on bio-sourced elements. Every day, we act as a bridge between real life farming and cutting-edge research.

We understand the pressures on farmers, so we are committed to serving them by implementing economically beneficial approaches which maintain high yields while controlling costs.

Olmix aims to be a dynamic, influential and efficient stakeholder working towards an innovative smart and sustainable agriculture.

Nutrition + Health

Innovative biosourced solutions

Nutrition + Health

Our values


The base of everything. Freedom to operate meanwhile strong collaboration and courage to say things with humanity.

Innovation mindset

Everyone innovates, adapts constantly, is creative and makes proposals to solve problems.


Recognizing the value of each individual, team and stakeholder in the business environment.


Motivation, happiness, desire to work together in a commun adventure.

Culture of excellence

Be pragmatic and efficient in a process of continuous improvement, allowing you to learn from your mistakes. Be the guarantor of individual and collective actions to satisfy internal and external customers.

Key figures

Global Presence


Operating across 5 continents and in over 100 countries.

Extensive Network

strategic locations

Backed by 28 strategic locations and 9 industrial sites, including a specialized seaweed biorefinery.

Innovation Hubs

R&D centers

4 dedicated R&D centers.



Embracing 35 nationalities, our group is composed of 900+ employees.

Dynamic Team

years old

With an average age of 40, our workforce amalgamates experience and innovation.

What is the X Factor for us? 

It’s the combination of the incredible potential of nature with science: this X Factor fosters innovation and finds effective and sustainable answers to agricultural challenges.

It’s also a mindset that fuels women and men within Olmix, in association with all our stakeholders, to make biosourced solutions a reality and address challenges to come.