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Global agriculture reach

Supporting agricultural
transition worldwide

Our organization

Two complementary shareholders, together to support the Olmix project

  • A committed and independent team working together for +15 years with strong entrepreneurial culture
  • €1,000m+ invested to support the development of European SMEs
  • A responsible investor, encouraging sustainable development
  • 4+ build-ups by portfolio company on average with external growth operations in over 25 countries
  • Founded Olmix in 1995
  • Desire to support local businesses in Brittany as well as the emergence of a healthier food chain
  • Deep knowledge of oligo and seaweed and strong network in the agri-food
  • Pioneering vision in the use of natural ingredients for the Animal Care & Plant Care industries

Highly experienced leadership team, recently strengthened
to further accelerate Olmix next growth phase


Robert Clapham

  • Joined Olmix in 2019 as Deputy CEO / CFO;
  • Before that, Robert held various international C-level positions at Kerlink and Sapmer as well at Eurofins Scientific;
  • Robert started his career as industrial controller in the Plant Nutrition industry before moving to Animal Feed sector.
Head of Animal Care BU

Mickaël Rouault

  • Joined Olmix in 2022 as Head of the Animal BU;
  • Before that, Mickael held various international C-Level positions in the Technical, Marketing and Sales departments of Chr. Hansen, Biomin and BASF.

Jérôme Plé

  • Joined Olmix in 2023 as Group Chief Industrial & Supply Chain officer;
  • Before that, he worked for national and multinational companies in the Supply Chain and Operations fields.

David Le Ny

  • Joined Olmix in 2023 as Human Resources Director;
  • Before that, David has held various positions within the EDF/GDF group such as training and payroll Manager, L&D Manager and HR project Manager; 
  • He also held the position of Group Chief HR Officer for Dextra Group in Thailand

Martial Rubin

  • Joined Olmix in 2024 as CFO;
  • Before that, Martial acted as CFO at Diana/Symrise for 20 years;
  • Also held Auditor (PWC) and CFO positions at Samsic and in the cheese agro-industry.

Our key figures

In 2023…

R&D Centers
Industrial sites
Countries covered

Our subsidiaries

An innovative biotech company, leader in the Latin American biosourced additives market.

Founded in 2008, Yes Sinergy draws on more than 15 years of R&D aimed at adding-value to by-products of the sugar-cane industry. As a result of all this work carried out in close cooperation with Brazilian universities and world-class researchers, the Group is now recognized as a specialist in the selection and production of high-value derivatives of natural extracts.

Thanks to this unique expertise, Yes Sinergy develops innovative solutions for preventing the adverse effects of mycotoxins, improving digestive comfort, preventing contamination by pathogens and stimulating the immune responses of both livestock and domestic animals while reducing the use of antibiotics.

From basic research to providing solutions to market leaders.

After 15 years of research in collaboration with the National Superior School of Agronomy of Toulouse (ENSAT) on substances extracted from wood and plants, a team of researchers led by Dr Marie Morard created the company Bois Valor in 2004. The company set up its headquarters, research laboratory and industrial site in Saint-Juéry, near Albi (South-West of France), to exploit the patent that resulted from the research work on a unique extraction process.

The product portfolio consists of registered biostimulants (Autorisation de Mise sur le Marché – AMM), seed coatings and solvent-free extracted plant molecules, all of which are marketed to key players in the agricultural world, leaders in plant protection, biostimulants, seeds and organic fertilisation.

Our commitments to
our stakeholders

A global CSR approach piloted

Since 2021, our organization has made significant progress in addressing carbon footprints as part of our four CSR pillars.

These pillars encompass environmental stewardship, social impact, ethical governance, and economic resilience. We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint, aligning with our CSR goals, and fostering a greener, more sustainable future.

ESG standards as our way to proceed sustainably

Transparent governance

  • Clear and transparent communication: internally and externally
  • Fact-based decision-making environment using monthly reporting and KPIs on all processes throughout the Group
  • ESG impact, collection specifications and communication.

Sustainable environmental impact

  • Clear strategy of fresh green and red seaweeds
  • Implementation of purchasing best practices: securing double sourcing possibilities, design to cost…
  • Eco-design
  • Operational excellence and focus on all levels of the Group (Industrial, commercial, R&D…)

Social & Human

  • Talent management
  • Continuously improve the employee and HR experience to enhance collaboration and motivation, while embodying the company culture.
  • Motivation & happiness, desire to work together in a common adventure

Responsible economic activities

  • Governance and Compliance
  • Alignment of Groups product offering with market needs
  • Be pragmatic and efficient in a process of continuous improvement, allowing you to learn from your mistakes

Olmix contribution to Sustainable Developments Goals through its CSR approach

And foremost among our partners: the farmers and stakeholders in the industry

We provide natural solutions to farmers for enhancing plant health and nutrition, and to breeders for promoting animal health and well-being. 

This enables production with a more environmentally friendly and positive impact, reducing the reliance on synthetic chemicals while ensuring the ability to feed the global population and secure a decent livelihood for farmers and breeders.