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Animal Care / For Feed

Olmix solutions: For Feed

To contribute to feeding a growing population in a sustainable way, Olmix ‘’For Feed’’ range dedicated to feed manufacturers, integrators and premixers offers a complete portfolio to address the major challenges of animal nutrition.

These natural solutions developed through innovation with seaweed focus on the 4 following fields of applications :

  • Feed safety with mycotoxins binders to reduce mycotoxins negative effects on animals
  • Immune support and intestinal integrity to increase animals’ resilience
  • Feed efficiency to optimize animals’ performance while lowering environmental impact
  • Digestive welfare by microbiota modulation to manage the risk of digestive disorders

Mycotoxin Risk

  • Secured performance
  • Incorporated in the feed
  • Broad spectrum of adsorption

Digestive Efficiency

  • Improved performance
  • Boosts enzyme activity
  • Better feed valorization
  • Formulation flexibility


  • Strengthening gut integrity and supporting immune function 
  • Reinforced robustness of animals
  • Better resistance to stress
  • Optimized performance

Digestive Welfare

  • Microbiota modulation
  • Management of digestive disorders’ risk

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