Booster of enzymatic activity

Thanks to its unique association of clay and seaweed extracts,
MFeed+® helps improve digestibility by increasing the activity of
enzymes, for a better valorization of the feed.

Range: For Feed

Species: Swine, Poultry, Aquaculture

Functionalities: Digestive efficiency

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Improved feed efficiency

Optimized feed conversion ratio

Use of alternative ingredients

Improved zootechnical performance


Variability of feed digestibility

In animal production, feed can represent up to 70% of production cost. Thus, the optimizaton of feed conversion ratio is a major lever for improvement of zootechnical and economic performance of farms. It allows to limit their environmental impact as well.

Consequently, it is necessary to perfectly know animals’ needs and ingredients’ nutritional values and digestibility. Indeed, in monogastric feeds, undigestible part can represent up to 25% of the diet and half of this fraction is made of nutrients (amino-acids, fat, starch).


Optimize digestive efficiency

Digestibility is the potential of a feed to be digested and absorbed as nutrients by animals. Efficacy of digestion is highly correlated to digestive enzymes activity in the small intestine. MFeed+® is a natural solution composed of a selected clay which is exfoliated thanks to seaweed extracts. This unique blend contributes to boosting the activity of both endogenous and exogenous enzymes.

This patented technology is able to potentiate clay natural physico-chemical properties.
By ensuring enzyme activity in the intestine, MFeed+® allows animals to make the best use of their feed. This improvement maximizes performance and maintains a good feed conversion ratio.

Technology: OEA

Dosage: from 0,5 to 2kg/T of feed according to animal species, physiological stage and farm conditions

Labels / Certifications:FAMI QS, QS QUALITY

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