Seaweed-based solution for the digestive welfare of newborn piglets

SeaGut®Paste is a natural seaweed & mineral-based solution designed to reinforce the protective intestinal mucus layer of pigs during critical periods, such as their birth.

Range: For Vet

Species: Swine

Functionalities: Digestive welfare

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3 synergetic actions in 1 product

Management of risk of digestive troubles

Less use of antibiotics

Easy application


Intestinal challenges in nursing piglets

Neonatal digestive disorders are often the principal cause of piglet mortality and generate significant financial losses. Due to the development of pathogens in the intestine, they are frequently associated with dehydration.

This leads to electrolyte and mineral losses and poor assimilation of nutrients, generating energy deficiencies. Litter uniformity is affected and growth rate at weaning is frequently reported.


Natural solution that ensures the piglets’ digestive welfare

SeaGut® Paste is a unique combination of 3 synergetic actions to protect the intestinal tract and improve digestive safety:
– Protecting the digestive tract : MSP®MUCIN (issued from macroalgae thanks to Olmix technology) stimulates mucin production, which strengthens the mucus around the intestinal epithelium. The micronized clay lines the epithelium to strengthen it. The mucus membrane is better protected, it can optimize its barrier function.

Favoring balanced intestinal flora: Intake of selected essential oils (clove and oregano) and yeast extracts.
Maintaining physical balance: SeaGut®Paste contains readily available energy sources (spirulina and dextrose) and electrolytes. Their properties control the bowel function and promote rehydration in piglets.

Dosage :
Supplied orally.
Use in case of identified digestive problems, or with neonatal health care in farms with recurrent digestive problems at birth.
1 dose of 2ml (1 press)/piglet /day. Administer to the entire litter.

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