Seaweed-based solution for pigs’ digestive welfare

SeaBiota® is an innovative and natural seaweed-based solution designed to reinforce the protective intestinal mucus layer of pigs during critical periods, such as post-weaning and finishing.

Range: For Vet

Species: Swine

Functionalities: Digestive welfare

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Better management of digestive troubles

Reduction of antibiotics use

Optimized animal’s performance

Easy application in drinking water


Weaning: a stressful moment

Weaning is the most stressful moment in piglet’s life. Separation from the mother (loss of contact, milk, environment…), environmental change, transport to another room or building, mixing with unfamiliar piglets, the transition from milk to creep feed, are all stress factors that will negatively impact animal health. These changes also have consequences on intestinal morphology of the pigs.


Digestive troubles

SeaBiota® protects the digestive tract through their technology MSP (MSP®MUCIN), which reinforces the protective intestinal mucus layer, and thanks to potentialized zinc oxide from a unique Olmix’s process.
SeaBiota® secures the challenging post-weaning period with rapid to use solution in drinking water.

– Protects the digestive tract: supply of marine algae (MSP®MUCIN) boosts the production of mucin and increases the mucus layer of the intestinal tract. A specific potentialized ZnO issued from a unique Olmix process increases ZnO capacity to decrease digestive troubles.
– Favors a balanced gut flora with a specific mix of essential oils.

Technology: MSP®Mucin

Packaging: 1 L can, 5 L can

Dosage :
At weaning and/or around critical periods for 3 to 5 days:
1L/1,000 liters of water/day or 1ml/10kg live weight/day

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