SeaLyt® Spark

Regulator of the digestive system, promoting rehydratation

SeaLyt® Spark is a regulator of the digestive system that promotes rehydratation and stimulates water intake, designed for young, growing or breeding animals.

Range: For Vet

Species: Swine, Ruminants, Poultry

Functionalities: Digestive welfare

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Reduction of digestive troubles


Stimulation of water intake

Source of easily assimilated energy


Digestive disorders and dehydration

Digestive problems are the first cause of mortality in young animals. They are known to cause important economic losses in pigs and poultry farms because of late growth. Digestive problems are caused by the degradation of the intestinal mucosa integrity. They also trigger animals’ dehydration, loss in electrolytes, mineral leakage and poor assimilation of nutrients, resulting in a lack of energy.


SeaLyt® Spark stimulates water consumption

Rich in algae (MSP®MUCIN) able to stimulate mucin secretion, SeaLyt® Spark reinforces the mucus thickness which protects the intestinal epithelium. Well protected, the mucosa has a better barrier efficiency and regulates nutrient uptake. Moreover, SeaLyt® Spark is a source of easily assimilated energy. SeaLyt® Spark allows regulation of the intestinal transit and favors animals’ rehydration.

Dosage :
For young and growing animals or breeders:
– 1 to 2 sparks according to the quantity of water used
– Use for 1 to 3 days according to animals’ condition

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