Desiccant for horses

Sirocco is a litter conditioner based on micronized clays and essential oils to improve hygiene for stables. Its desiccant properties facilitate the cleaning of the boxes and its pleasant and relaxant smell promotes a better atmosphere for the comfort of both horses and their owner! Fully natural and compatible with anti-doping FEI regulations, Sirocco is an ally in improving the well-being and comfort of your equine companion in daily life.

Range: For Farm

Species: Horse

Functionalities: Desiccant

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High drying capacities

Improve horse’s welfare and performance

Reduces stress

Reduction in labour and bedding cost

Warms-up foals at birth


Healthy stables and box-stalls

Moisture is a fertile ground for germs that increase bacterial pressure and ammonia production. It is also a source of discomfort for horses that may feel cold and wet when they lie down.

Moreover, the change of environment (competition, work variation, contact with new horses, brutal temperature variation…) is a stressful period for horses that can destabilizing them and impact on its performance.


Sirocco improves the environment by controlling moisture

Sirocco is a strong desiccant powder composed of micronized clays, selected for their smooth properties and their reversible hydration that allows to absorb water and release it in the atmosphere. This allows to prevent bacteria growth in the bedding by depriving them from water.

Combined with a blend of chosen essential oils, Sirocco provides a breeze of freshness in the stable and promote the well-being of the horse. Regular use of Sirocco in your stable reassuring horses with a familiar and pleasant smell.

Packaging: 25 kg bag

Dosage :
From 50 to 250g/m² according the bedding substrate

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