Mycotoxin Risk Management

MT.X+® is a micronized powder for optimum dispersal when incorporated in the feed or premix.
Olmix mycotoxin solution efficiently reduces the impact of mycotoxins (even the most difficult ones), by combining specific clay, seaweed and complementary selected materials.

Range: For Feed

Species: Swine, Ruminants, Poultry

Functionalities: Mycotoxins

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Efficient against a wide range of mycotoxins

No side effects on nutrient absorption

Supporting tools for a comprehensive risk management

Profitable and backed up by science



Mycotoxins are fungal secondary metabolites commonly present in cereals and feedstuffs. When ingested, mycotoxins trigger deleterious effects on the animals, as varied as immune, digestive and reproductive troubles, globally impacting performance. The economic impact of mycotoxin contamination can be severe.


Wide-spectrum adsorption

Thanks to its patented association of clay and seaweed, Olmix is able to provide a wide adsorption spectrum against mycotoxins. MT.X+® is a premium solution, associating a unique algae and clay technology with several adsorbents, providing a direct and selective effect against various mycotoxins.

Along with an adequate control plan, the use of a toxin binder in the feed reduces the exposure of the animals to mycotoxins. To be efficient, such solutions must be selective (no nutrient binding) and cover a wide spectrum of mycotoxins (independently of their size and structure).
MT.X+® reduces the exposure of the animals to mycotoxins and contributes to maintain optimal technical and economic performance.

Dosage: from 0.5 to 2.5kg/ton depending on mycotoxin risk and species concerned

Labels / Certifications:FAMI QS, GMP+, QS QUALITY

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