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PlantCare / Field crops and Forage

Olmix biosolutions for
Field crops and Forage

Producing profitably, in the face of increasingly brutal climatic variations, with inputs that are highly dependent on energy prices, is becoming a real challenge. It becomes even more complicated when regulations progressively rule out the use of conventional solutions.

To help farmers and livestock breeders solve this equation, Olmix Plant Care develops biostimulants and nutritional solutions adapted to field and forage crops.

These solutions act via the various interfaces of the living world: soil, seed, root and leaf, and activate the natural functions of soils and plants to meet the main challenges facing field and forage crops.

Improving soil ecosystem functioning

  • to reduce structural compaction and fuel consumption for soil preparation
  • to improve water infiltration and moisture retention capacity
  • to limit soil compaction and erosion
  • to promote the recycling of organic materials

Stimulating germination

  • to improve and speed up germination
  • to stimulate the emergence of primary roots
  • to boost the strength of young plants

Improving root nutrition efficiency

  • to stimulate root growth and increase the volume of soil explored
  • to promote root mycorrhization
  • to increase tolerance to water stress
  • to improve bioavailability of nitrogen, phosphorus and other minerals
  • to reduce fertilizer use and improve efficiency

Enhancing crop tolerance to stress

  • to mitigate phytotoxic effects of herbicides and fungicides
  • to increase water stress tolerance
  • to enhance heat stress tolerance

Protecting the crop’s physiological cycle

  • to secure crop establishment and development in the vegetative phase
  • to support vegetative growth, leaf photosynthesis and root activity
  • to optimize the reproduction phase (flowering, fertilization)
  • to improve fruit ripening, magnification (size, set) and quality characteristics

Improving the efficiency of foliar nutrition

  • to ensure continuous crop nutrition, when root uptake declines
  • to improve absorption of trace elements (B, Cu, Fe, Mn…) by leaves
  • to improve absorption of major elements (N, P, K, S…) by leaves

Discover our biosolutions for
Field crops and Forage

The terms “Foliar Biostimulant, Rooting stimulators, Nutrition activators” are used only to organize and present Olmix products on this website. They do not in any way refer to the official registration class of the products according to the regulations. Visitors to the site, as well as purchasers/users of the products, should refer to the information on the product data sheets and product labels.

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