Amix range

Foliar micronutrition range

The Amix range of specialised foliar fertilisers ensures in all circumstances a high level of absorption by the plant of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, copper, manganese and zinc… The Amix range allows an efficient technical management of the crops’ mineral micronutrition, in order to obtan an optimal economic profitability.

Product families: Specialty foliar fertilizers

Goals: Improving foliar nutrition efficiency

Galenic forms: Liquid

Application: Foliar spraying

Crop stages: Crop establishment / Cycle start, Finishing / Filling / Enlargement / Ripening, Inflorescence formation / Flowering / Reproduction, Vegetative growth

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Maintaining minerals at a soluble state by slowing down the drying time on the leaf

Maximised absorption thanks to better contact between solution and leaf

Effective nutrition, even at low doses

Strenghtening of the crop by improving its nutritional status


Ensuring plant mineral micronutrition in all circumstances

The quality of a plant’s mineral nutrition determines its vitality and robustness, in the face of stresses. The main absorption pathway is through the roots, with the risk of poor assimilation when the bioavailability of minerals in the soil is compromised, as in drought, soil compaction or pH imbalance. In such cases, foliar application is an effective alternative, particularly for trace elements that act in small quantities. But these elements must be properly absorbed through the leaves.


Penetrate minerals into the leaf, right down to the phloem

The Amix range is specially designed to maximize the absorption of minerals by the leaf. Thanks to OPENLEAF® technology, the minerals in Amix formulas have access to a large leaf surface with sufficient contact time to penetrate the leaf via the various pathways (cuticle, trichome base, stomata). The complexation of cations with biopolymers of plant origin facilitates their absorption and migration to the phloem.

Technology: OPENLEAF®

0.5 to 10 L /ha /application depending on formulas and target crops

Available references:
Amix BIOMAG (Mg)
Amix QUATTRO (Cu, Mg, Mn, Zn)

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