Explorer 6-12-0 + S6

Root stimulator

Applied locally at sowing, Explorer 6-12-0 + S6 root stimulator increases the volume of soil explored by roots, boosts the nutritional potential of the field and enables more economical and environmentally-friendly fertilization practices.

Product families: Rooting stimulator granules and micro granules

Goals: Improving root nutrition efficiency

Galenic forms: Granule

Application: Localization at sowing / planting

Crop stages: Crop establishment / Cycle start

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Deep, dense root development from sowing

Improved mineral and water uptake by the crop

Optimization of additional fertilizers (organic or mineral)

Improved fertilization efficiency


Optimizing the nutritional potential of fields

The inevitable inflation in fertilizer prices and the impact of climate change mean that we need to develop crops’ capacity to make the most of the soil’s nutrient resources. This means improving root development, essential for water and mineral uptake, and therefore for building yields. The denser and deeper the root volume, the better the crop can exploit the soil’s mineral and water reserves.


Stimulate root system development

Thanks to its MIP® RHIZO technology and SEADRY® dehydrated seaweed extract, Explorer 6-12-0 + S6 accelerates root growth and stimulates rhizosphere function to maximize the crop’s access to nutritional resources in the soil. Explorer 6-12-0 + S6 improves:
– the functioning of mineralizing microflora, essential for plant nutrition
– mycorrhizal symbiosis
– bioavailability of nitrogen, phosphorus and other minerals
– access to water reserves

Technology: SEADRY®, MIP® RHIZO

100 to 200 kg /ha localized at sowing

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