Nutritional biosolution enriched with seaweed extract and amino acids

Proplex is a foliar solution enriched with bioactive nutrients specially selected for their ability to support plant growth, vigour and recovery from stress.

Product families: Anti-stress foliar biostimulants

Goals: Managing stress

Galenic forms: Liquid

Crop stages: Crop establishment / Cycle start, Finishing / Filling / Enlargement / Ripening, Inflorescence formation / Flowering / Reproduction, Vegetative growth

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Stimulation of photosynthesis

Acceleration of root growth

Secures the crop’s juvenile phase

Enhanced plant vigor for better recovery from stresses


Reducing the impact of stress on crops

Between problems of soil structure, stress linked to interventions (weeding…), nutritional deficiencies and climatic hazards, the crop is confronted throughout its cycle with a number of difficulties that hamper its development. Faced with these situations, the plant tries to mobilize its resources to the best of its ability, with varying degrees of efficiency and, ultimately, risks of yield loss.


Helping plants mobilize their resources in the face of stress

Proplex biosolution provides plants with a wide range of nutrients to stimulate plant metabolism: marine sulfated polysaccharides derived from B-SEANERGY® algae extract, amino acids including glycine betaine, as well as minerals and trace elements. Together, these ingredients enable the crop to mobilize its resources to better overcome episodes of stress. In this way, Proplex promotes :
– stimulates cell growth
– improved nitrogen metabolism
– increase chlorophyll synthesis
– regulate osmotic pressure in cells

Technology: B-SEANERGY®

0.5 L/ha for applications between post-emergence and juvenile stage
1 L/ha for applications between juvenile and elongation stage
1.5 L/ha for applications between elongation and reproductive stage
2 L/ha for high biomass and root crops

Packaging: 1,000 L IBC, 20 L can

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