Soil fertility activator

Neosol activates the natural soil microflora involved in the recycling and transformation of crop residues. By promoting humus synthesis, Neosol improves the components of soil fertility and health (structure, water absorption and storage, nutrient bioavailability).

Product families: Soil improvers

Goals: Improving soil functioning

Galenic forms: Granule

Application: Broadcast spreading

Crop stages: Post harvest

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Stimulation of humus synthesis and preservation of soil fertility capital

Improvement of soil structure and reduction of input consumption

Better crop tolerance to sudden climatic variations

Improvement in production profitability


Soils up to the challenges of agriculture

Climate change, rising energy prices, reduced carbon emissions… these are just some of the challenges facing agriculture today. In the face of these challenges, restoring soil health is the best solution for farmers. A healthy soil is a better buffer against climatic hazards, consumes less inputs and energy, and stores carbon. Unfortunately, over 60% of European soils, and certainly more worldwide, are in poor condition (poor biological quality, loss of organic carbon, tillage erosion, etc.).


Regenerate the soil after each growing season

Thanks to its MIP® SOIL mineral and trace element complex and SEADRY® seaweed extracts, Neosol provides soil microflora with prebiotics that promote growth and enable them to perform their beneficial functions on soil health more effectively. In this way, Neosol regenerates fields after each growing season, laying the foundations for the next crop’s success. The result is lower operating costs, more consistent yields and improved environmental quality.

Technology: MIP® SOIL

– 110 to 220 kg/ha in field crops
– 150 to 350 kg/ha in vineyards / arboriculture

Other informations: AMM n°1200769 issued by ANSES as a soil fertility activator

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Compliance with organic farming regulations

European regulations EU 2018/848 and 2021/1165, FiBL Germany, USDA NOP (National Organic Program)

Please consult local regulations for the status of this product.