Primeo MICRO 8-22-0 + Zn

Microgranule nutrient stimulator

Positioned at sowing time, Primeo MICRO 8-22-0 + Zn micro granules supply the seed with the ingredients needed to support the plant’s first phase of growth. Primeo MICRO stimulates the rooting and vigor of young shoots to ensure proper crop establishment.

Product families: Rooting stimulator granules and micro granules

Goals: Improving root nutrition efficiency

Galenic forms: Semolina

Application: Micro-location at sowing / planting

Crop stages: Crop establishment / Cycle start

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Better crop vigour at the beginning

Homogeneity of the plot stand

Deep and dense root development

Improving plant nutrition efficiency


Ensure a good crop establishment

The quality of sowing and the vigour with which young shoots start are important criteria for ensuring good crop establishment. However, factors such as soil compaction, slow warming up, poorly tilled soils, early sowing, low mineral bioavailability or the presence of slugs can penalize a good crop start. The crop then struggles to establish itself, exposing the plot to a loss of plants and therefore of potential.


Secure the plant’s juvenile phase

Primeo MICRO 8-22-0 + Zn microgranules fulfil several objectives. The first is to make nutrients immediately available to seedlings, whose ability to explore the soil is limited, for growth and root development. The other objective is to support the formation of the rhizopshere, the zone close to the root that is particularly rich in micro-organisms useful for plant nutrition. Primeo MICRO’s MIP® RHIZO technology provides the prebiotics needed to support the rhizosphere microflora and its symbiotic activity with the plant.

Technology: MIP® RHIZO

25 to 50 kg /ha in micro-localization at sowing time

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