Duospeed MICRO 7-13-9

Organo-mineral micro-granule rooting stimulator

Duospeed MICRO 7-13-9 is micro-localized at sowing to stimulate the growth of the plant’s young roots, secure its establishment and prepare the quality of the crop’s nutrition during its development.

Product families: Rooting stimulator granules and micro granules

Goals: Improving root nutrition efficiency

Galenic forms: Micro-granulé

Application: Micro-localization at sowing / planting

Crop stages: Crop establishment / Cycle start

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Deep, dense root development from sowing

Improved mineral and water uptake by the crop

Optimization of additional fertilizers (organic or mineral)

Improved fertilization efficiency


Securing crop establishment

The plant’s juvenile phase is a particularly delicate stage, due to its extreme sensitivity to soil conditions, climate and pest pressure. Neglecting this phase means running the risk of losing plants and jeopardizing the crop’s ability to feed itself properly when its needs increase. To help the young plant get off to a good start, we need to ensure that the nutrients it needs are sufficiently bioavailable.


Localize useful nutrients near the seed

Duospeed MICRO 7-13-9 organo-mineral micro-granule combines a supply of immediately bioavailable phosphorus, useful for the growth of young roots, with a gradually acting source of nitrogen to support biomass development. Duospeed MICRO 7-13-9 also provides the soil microflora with a rapidly degradable organic matter enriched with SEADRY® algae extract, to stimulate the establishment of the plant’s future rhizosphere. So Duospeed MICRO 7-13-9 helps:
• to stimulate root cell growth
• to stimulate rhizosphere microflora
• to support nutritional needs during the juvenile phase

Technology: SEADRY®, XSER®

25 kg/ha in the seed furrow for corn, sunflower, rapeseed and sugar beet
25 kg/ha in the planting line for potato
25 kg/ha mixed with the seeds for temporary grasslands

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