Melgreen ELITE

Seaweed-based nutritional biosolution enriched with monomeric silica

Melgreen ELITE uses the nutritional properties of bioactive ingredients derived from red algae, and the many benefits of monomeric silica on plant physiology, to strengthen the turf’s resistance and support its nutrition, even in times of stress.

Product families: Foliar biostimulants for physiological support

Goals: Supporting the physiological cycle

Galenic forms: Liquid

Application: Foliar spraying

Crop stages: Vegetative growth

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Improved soil/plant exchanges

Support of the turf nutrition including in periods of stress (hydric, thermal…)

Strengthening mechanical resistance of the turf

Improving the quality of the playing field surface


Supporting turf for intensive use

During periods of intensive use, turf is subjected to numerous stresses linked to sporting activities (frequent mowing, trampling, etc.), as well as to increasingly hot spells. These stresses impair the plant’s ability to feed properly and maintain optimal physiology


Reinforcing the robustness of the plant

Melgreen ELITE is based on SEALICA® technology, a patented combination of R-SEANERGY® red algae extract and a specific monomeric silica. SEALICA® technology acts on the expression of plant genes, including those typical of defense reactions to abiotic stress, nutrition, photosynthesis, redox status and hormonal regulation. Melgreen ELITE promotes:
– carbon metabolism
– the maintenance of the intracellular osmotic pressure and the mobility of water and nutrients in the plant
– concentration of antioxidant molecules
– cell walls strengthening

Technology: R-SEALICA®

3 to 5 L /ha /application

Compliance with organic farming regulations: European regulations EU 2018/848 and 2021/1165

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Compliance with organic farming regulations

European regulations EU 2018/848 and 2021/1165

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