Liquid soil activator

Terraflow is a liquid concentrate of mineral and organic ingredients, specially selected for their ability to stimulate the soil microbial activity involved in the decomposition of organic matter. Easily applied to the soil after the harvest or destruction of cover crops, Terraflow promotes soil fertility for sustainable economic and environmental benefits.

Product families: Soil improvers

Goals: Improving soil functioning

Galenic forms: Liquid

Application: soil spraying

Crop stages: Post harvest

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Increased soil microbial biomass

Faster decomposition of crop residues after harvest, or cover crop residues after destruction

Mineral recycling through the clay-humus complex, for the benefit of the following crop (or cover crop)

Easier establishment of the following crop or cover crop


Making the most of crop residues and cover crops

After the harvest or destruction of cover crops, the soil must recycle all organic residues (leaves, stems, roots, etc.) through its microflora. This transformation is essential to make the mineral elements contained in these residues available again, and to synthesize the humus needed to maintain soil health. However, on fields with a poor level of biological activity, or with a large quantity of residual organic matter, this decomposition is incomplete, and soil fertility suffers.


Stimulating decomposition microflora

Terraflow liquid soil activator targets the natural soil microflora responsible for decomposing organic matter. Thanks to its MIP® SOIL mineral technology, complemented by plant-based polysaccharides and amino acids, Terraflow stimulates:
– decomposition microflora through the addition of prebiotic ingredients
– the enzymatic activities of this microflora through the action of mineral cofactors (MIP® SOIL)
– the decomposition of complex organic molecules (cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin)

Technology: MIP® SOIL

15 L/ha diluted in a minimum of 100 L of water

Packaging: 1,000 L IBC, 20 L can

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