Range of organo-mineral fertilizers with sequential and long-lasting release action

The Marathon ALGAE SPORT range of organo-mineral fertilizers is specially designed to meet the needs of sports turf. Gradually releasing nutrients and stimulating soil life, the different formulas in the Marathon ALGAE SPORT range offer a solution adapted to every context, from leisure grounds to the most demanding sports surfaces.

Product families: Specialty solid fertilizers

Goals: Improving root nutrition efficiency

Galenic forms: Granule

Application: Broadcast spreading

Crop stages: Vegetative growth

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Sequential release of nutrients up to 12 weeks after application

Stimulation of soil microflora for accelerated decomposition of residual organic matter

Steady and smooth grass growth

Density and robustness of the grass for a quality playing surface


Combining the demands of sports turf

Sports turf must be solid, playable and aesthetically pleasing. It must form a dense, closed, solid and even carpet, with a certain suppleness but also firmness for good support and adequate ball rebounds. Sports turf is therefore composed of grasses specially selected for their resistance to trampling and tearing, and for their ability to recover, which need to be technically fertilized to meet the set requirements.


Gradually nourish the grass and stimulate the soil simultaneously

The organo-mineral component of Marathon ALGAE SPORT fertilizers, combined with XSER® sequential nutrient release technology and SEADRY® seaweed extract, ensures regular, smooth growth of the turf while stimulating soil microbial activity. By promoting turf densification and accelerating thatch decomposition, Marathon ALGAE SPORT helps maintain a healthy turf environment, allowing the characteristics of the different grass species to be expressed to the full.

Technology: SEADRY®, XSER®

200 to 400 kg /ha /application

Available references:
Marathon ALGAE SPORT 7-13-9
Marathon ALGAE SPORT 16-4-8
Marathon ALGAE SPORT 10-0-15
Marathon ALGAE SPORT 12-4-6
Marathon ALGAE SPORT 7-0-21
Marathon ALGAE SPORT 9-3-9

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