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With Marathon ALGAE fertilizers, turf prepares its “summer body”!

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In preparation for the summer period, it is necessary to adapt the fertilization of sports pitches and golf courses. Get the advice from a specialist for a fitness program for sports turf.

Late spring and summer regularly bring periods of heat, drought or precipitation. So many changes in conditions that affect turf, at a time when pitch use is increasing, and the opportunities for fertilization are shrinking.

To ensure that playing surfaces are as well prepared as possible for this period, Emmanuel Bausson, Product Manager Turf and Amenities for Olmix Plant Care, shares his advice.

First of all, can you describe the main problems for turf during the summer period?

E.B. There are mainly two kinds. On the one hand, irregular growth due to variations in temperature and humidity, and on the other, an increased risk of disease. After frequent mowing in spring, there is always some uncollected residue, which gradually builds up to form a thatch. This layer of undecomposed organic matter maintains a damp, asphyxiating environment, leading to the development of diseases. The absorption of nutrients by turf can also be more complicated in summer. Heat and drought are naturally more frequent during this period, which affects sap flow in the plant, and therefore, the absorption and circulation of nutrients.

In the run-up to the summer, should we adjust the fertilization of turf?

E.B. Yes, we recommend fertilizing formulas that are enriched with potassium. Potassium helps to maintain osmotic pressure in plant cells, encouraging the flow of sap and the transport of nutrients for good turf nutrition. As for nitrogen, it is preferable to choose less reactive forms, such as urea or ammonium, to smooth out growth peaks. With the range of Marathon ALGAE fertilizers, we recommend using formulas with potassium sulphate such as 9-3-9, 10-0-15, 7-0-21 or 7-6-14.

Can you remind us of the main characteristics of Marathon ALGAE fertilizers?

E.B. Firstly, it is a range of fertilizers with an organo-mineral profile. In other words, it combines mineral forms of fertilizer to concentrate the formulas into a sufficient quantity of nutrients to meet the needs of turf, and an organic fraction to stimulate soil microbial activity. The organic component is carefully made up of dehydrated (not composted) matter, which makes it highly reactive on soil microflora, and dry seaweed extract SEADRY®, rich in specific polysaccharides, which acts as a prebiotic for soil bacteria.

Secondly, all Marathon ALGAE formulas benefit from a patented technology for sequential diffusion of nutrients, called XSER®. This technology allows nutrients to be released up to 12 weeks after application. We therefore provide a balanced nutrition, in regular doses, which encourages more uniform growth of turf.

You recommend stimulating soil life. Is this so important, when it comes to fertilizing sports turf?

E.B. Yes, it’s essential. The stimulation of the soil’s natural microbial activity by Marathon ALGAE fertilizers helps prevent thatch build-up by regularly decomposing residual organic matter. This considerably improves the circulation of air and water in the first layers of soil, thereby maintaining an environment conducive to healthy turf.

So it’s best to use potassium-enriched Marathon ALGAE formulas for the summer. And for autumn?

E.B. In late summer or early autumn, it is recommended to use formulas that are richer in nitrogen, such as 16-4-8, to support the natural growth of turf at this time. Then, during the autumn, it is advisable to use again formulas that are richer in potassium, such as SPORT 7-0-21, GOLF 5-0-27 or SPORT and GOLF 10-0-15, to support the accumulation of nutrients by the grass for winter.

In the Marathon ALGAE range, Olmix offers SPORT and GOLF formulas. Can you tell us a little about them?

E.B. Two types of granulation are now available: SPORT formulas with a particle size of 2 to 4 mm and GOLF formulas with a particle size of 0.7 to 2 mm.
SPORT formulas are recommended for football and rugby pitches, racecourses and fairways of golf courses. With a finer, semolina-type particle size, GOLF formulas break down more quickly, making them particularly suitable for fertilizing golf course greens. They are also suitable for all situations where the time between fertilisation and mowing or use of the pitch is reduced. By dissolving quickly, the granules are not collected with the grass cuttings and the turf retains an impeccable appearance for users.

With the diverse options within the Marathon ALGAE range, it is therefore possible to manage the fertilization of sports turf in an appropriate way, according to the constraints imposed by each season, and thus to maintain a continously high level of quality to the greatest satisfaction of users.

Finally, while the Marathon ALGAE range has built its reputation on sports pitches, particularly among the most prestigious, it is also of interest to green space professionals for the fertilization of ornamental lawns and plantations in parks and gardens, thanks to the same level of efficiency.

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