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Olmix solutions: For Farm

Biosecurity and animals’ welfare is a priority to the farmers. To ensure a safe environment and enhance animals’ well-being, Olmix has developed natural solutions that improve the environmental hygiene in farms and livestock buildings as desiccant to reduce the moisture in the barn, powder that allows to dry animals at birth, effluent enhancer…

Environmental Hygiene

  • Improved building atmosphere and animal welfare
  • Safer environment through moisture evacuation
  • Reduced ammonia emissions
  • Preserved fertilizing values in the manure for soil fertility

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for Farm

Solutions for Farm

Natural solutions to improve environmental hygiene and ensure optimum performance :

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Solutions For Feed

Natural in-feed solutions to support optimum digestive and immune functions and secure performance:

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Solutions For Vet

Natural nutraceutical supplements to support physiological functions of the animals:

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