Desiccant to enhance new-born’s welfare

Mistral® is a desiccant product enhancing the evaporation of the moisture present on floors  or beddings. Mistral is fully adapted to dry newborn animals after birth to facilitate their warm-up and recovery from delivery. Its soothing smell associated to the very soft powder are worldwidely renown to enhance young animals performances and reduce animal stress. Mistral’s composition confers it properties fully appropriate to maintain healthy hooves in ruminants and easy to apply in dry foot bath.

Range: For Farm

Species: Swine, Ruminants, Small ruminants, Poultry, Horse

Functionalities: Desiccant

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High drying capacities. Easy to apply and nice smell and texture for animals and farmers

Skin and mucosa protection and support healing of injuries

Benefits from the essential oils properties on animals

Usable in organic farming


Moisture, a source of discomfort and deteriorated hygiene

At birth, new borns are submitted to a strong temperature variation between their mother’s womb and the outside world. The moisture amplifies the coldness sensation and with low energetical reserves, it is crucial to support to dry them rapidly after birth to reduce their need of energy and facilitate them to make it easier to stand up and suckle. 

Moisture in the environment is also a fertile ground for pathogens development which need to be managed effectively to reduce the risk of disease developing on the farm.


Mistral® improves the environment by controlling moisture.

Synergistic effects of the selection of micronized clays and chosen essential oils dries rapidly new-born animals and stimulate them to promotes the udder seeking. By reducing moisture on the animals or in the environment, Mistral® contributes to reduce pathogens development for a better hygiene in the farm. Essential oils help to soothe animals during periods of stress.

Labels / Certifications: Usable in organic farming

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