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Olmix celebrated the 25th anniversary of Mistral® at SPACE 2021

By September 30, 2021January 5th, 2024Mistral, Animal Care
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The Olmix Animal Care team met once again with partners and customers at the International Exhibition for Animal Production in France.

After being turned into an online event last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SPACE 2021 didn’t disappoint as it eventually opened its doors last week in Rennes where thousands of visitors joined for 3 days of education, innovation and networking. The occasion couldn’t have come at a better time for Olmix to host the 25th anniversary of its very first product the drying agent Mistral® and to put the focus on the latest strategies of the Group towards sustainable animal production.

Mycotoxins in corn silage: results of the “Observatoire des mycotoxines”

In this context, Olmix had the chance to contribute to the conference program of SPACE by presenting together with Innoval (BCEL Ouest) and Elyps the results of the ‘Observatoire des mycotoxines’, which is a project on the evolution of mycotoxin contamination in corn silage in France in the last 3 years.

“These last 3 years we have been testing several types of mycotoxins in corn silage in France with very interesting results. From our research we came to the conclusion that out the 15 mycotoxins tested, deoxynivalenol (DON) is by far the most common mycotoxin, with the highest levels of contamination. Also, during the different harvests we observed variations in the levels of contamination. Nevertheless, the contamination profiles remained the same.” Julia Laurain, Olmix’s Product Specialist, explained.

Olmix conference at SPACE 2021.

All animal species are vulnerable to mycotoxins, even at low doses, as polycontamination disrupts the immune system. The use of adsorbing agents is the most efficient strategy to reduce the effect of mycotoxins on animals. To tackle this issue a wide spectrum adsorbing agent should be used to bind large and complex ones such as DON and FUM.

Mistral®: congratulations on 25 successful years!

At the Booth C57 at Hall 9, the Olmix Animal Care team shared the most recent updates of the company for Immunity, Digestive welfare, Hygiene management, and Mycotoxin risk management. Our experts highlighted the specific range of products designed to strengthen the animal’s natural defenses before and during critical stress phases to reduce the negative consequences on zootechnical performance with outstanding results.

And finally, the big day arrived: on the last day of SPACE Olmix celebrated the 25th anniversary of the renowned drying agent Mistral®, the company’s solution for an excellent hygiene management on the farm.

For more than 20 years producers have trusted Mistral® to provide a dry and clean environment in order to ensure animals’ health, welfare and performance. Thanks to its specific technology and formulation, Mistral® shows strong drying capacity, an ease of application and also many other advantages arising from its essential oils’ properties.

Olmix’s Board President & Founder Hervé Balusson, together with several Olmix representatives highlighted the successful 25 years of the product, which represents some of the best values and vision of the company:

Olmix anniverasary at SPACE 2021.

Mistral® was the very first product developed by Olmix and here we are after 25 years talking about a bright history and still a beautiful journey ahead of us. Hygiene management is still one of the main global concerns and Mistral® has become an essential tool to help producers provide a safe, clean, environment for animals. Our ambition encourages us to continue working hard to ensure animals well-being, welfare and health as part of our roadmap towards sustainable animal production, which means also to reduce the use of antibiotics all around the world” Mr Balusson said.

Thank you for joining us at SPACE 2021!

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