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The x factor by Olmix

Innovate to find new solutions

Our range of solutions for enhancing the natural functionalities of plant and animal organisms is constantly evolving.

Our approach consists of soliciting and preparing living organisms in order to strengthen their capacities for resistance and resilience in the face of aggression or stress: drought, frost, modern cultivation and breeding practices, infections, … but also to improve the expression of their production potential.

Our basic research actions are based on close collaborations with the main French and international research institutes: they are initiated and driven along lines identified by our R&D department, crossed with an observation of agricultural needs and practices.

We are the designers and formulators of our innovations.

We develop all of our formulations on an industrial scale ourselves. We guarantee the manufacture of our products using unique processes and by controlling the sourcing of our main active ingredients.

Algae harverst

From sourcing to developing solutions

A pioneer in the development of algae-based solutions

The R&D division comprise health and nutrition experts, along with specialists in algae, clay minerals and trace elements. These teams are located at the Olmix Group headquarters in Bréhan, Brittany, which house the company’s laboratories and testing equipment.

From this base, they cooperate with universities and research organizations all over the world and take part in ambitious collaborative research programmes. Olmix Group R&D has generated 24 patents so far.

Based in brittany, at the heart of marine research

With significant marine science expertise and resources, Brittany is the ideal site for Olmix Group R&D. This division benefits from the latest scientific advances thanks to its location near one of the world’s first research centres specialized in algae (the Roscoff Biological Station, created in 1872), as well as universities and specialist institutions such as Ifremer (the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea).

Brittany is also home to one of Europe’s largest agricultural and agrifood economies, enabling Olmix Group to test the results of its work in real conditions at applied research centres.

Our quality commitment

At Olmix, we believe that quality means more than delivering the right quantity of the right product at the right time. It also means building lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers, while providing smart, flexible solutions.

All our animal feed sites are certified, either by GMP+ (in Germany and the Netherlands) or FAMI-QS and QS (in France). In this way, we assure the animal nutrition industry of the quality and safety of our products:

  • GMP+ Certificate Olmix Nordenham GmbH.
  • GMP+ Certificate Olmix B.V.
  • FAMI-QS Certificate Olmix
  • QS Certificate Olmix

Our factory in Romania is ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certified:

  • ISO 9001 Certificate Olmix ECO S.R.L.
  • ISO 22000 Certificate Olmix Romania

The quality management systems implemented on Olmix Group sites ensure that product quality is continually improved, food safety is controlled and any risk risks appearing in the production chain are correctly managed.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards.