Z’fix® Slurry

Effluent Enhancer

Z’fix® Slurry is a dust-free microgranular powder designed to stabilize the physical, chemical and microbiological balance of the manure and slurry. Thanks to its Mineral Inducer Process (MIP)component, Z’fix slurry reduces ammonia emissions and enhance the fluidity and homogeneity of the effluents. Thus, labor at spreading is facilitated and fertilizing elements better preserved for the cultures.

Range: For Farm

Species: Swine, Ruminants, Small ruminants

Functionalities: Effluent

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Reduction of ammonia emissions in buildings

Improved homogeneity and fluidity of the slurry

Preserved fertilizing value for spreading

Reduction of the bad odors emissions 


Stabilization of the microbial ecosystem to avoid gas emissions

Effluent enhancers are made up of organic matter that is mineralised over time by micro-organisms. Under sub-optimal conditions, the microbial ecosystem produces certain gases such as ammonia, resulting in a loss of nitrogen that could have been used as a fertiliser for the soil or plants during spreading.


Promotes favourable conditions to balance the manure ecosystem

The Mineral Inducer Process (MIP®) technology, which constitutes the basis product, supports the balance and stabilization of both manure and slurry ecosystems. This preservation process helps maintain nitrogen in a more stable form, reducing its loss into the atmosphere and allowing for its beneficial utilization during spreading.

Labels / Certifications:UAB / Usable in Organic Farming

Dosage :
From 0,5 to 2kg/m3 depending on the product, the specie, and the kind of effluent.

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