Seaweed-based premixture for immunity and gut integrity

ALGIMUN® boosts gut integrity and modulates the immune function of animals
to make them more capable of facing daily challenges and thus improve performance

Range: For Feed

Species: Swine, Ruminants, Small ruminants, Poultry, Horse, Aquaculture

Functionalities: Immunity

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Synergistic association of two biologically active marine algal extracts

Strengthening gut integrity and supporting immune function

100% proven mode of action

Optimized animal’s performance, high ROI


Keeping a proper immune status

In modern intensive production systems, animals face several challenges throughout their life cycle. These challenges may affect their immune system and their intestinal barrier function, and are even more important during specific sensitive physiological states (young animals, high demanding production periods, parturition…) or when facing external stressors (environmental factors, pathogenic attack, intense vaccination programs…). These challenges are also accentuated when antibiotic reduction strategies are implemented.


Enhancement of gut integrity and immune function

ALGIMUN® is based on the association of two innovative technologies (MSP®). MSP®BARRIER improves the integrity of the intestinal wall for better resistance to external aggressions, and MSP®IMMUNITY modulates the production of several immune mediators to strengthen both innate and adaptive immune responses.

Dosage: from 1 to 4kg/T of feed according to animal-specie, physiological stage and farm conditions.

Labels / Certifications:FAMI QS, QS QUALITY

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Scientific papers

Marine-sulfated polysaccharides extract of Ulva armoricana green algae exhibits an antimicrobial activity and stimulates cytokine expression by intestinal epithelial cellsDownload
Ulvan from Ulva armoricana (Chlorophyta) activates the PI3K/Akt signalling pathway via TLR4 to induce intestinal cytokine productionDownload


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