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Olmix satellite seminar: algae to reinforce animals’ natural defenses for a better performance

By March 19, 2019January 15th, 2024Algimun, Animal Care
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Held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 11-13th March, the second edition of the Olmix Satellite Seminar along with VIV Asia 2019, was the perfect chance for Olmix Group to highlight the potential of specific algae extracts to develop and reinforce the immune system of animals, and to launch Algimun® in Asia, the company’s latest solution of its Immunity range.

Attendees of the Olmix Satellite Seminar.

The latest research, innovative techniques and production strategies on a more sustainable and respectful animal farming thanks to Olmix’s technology, based on specific macroalgae extracts, called MSP®, were spotlighted at the 2nd Olmix Satellite Seminar held at Windsor Suites Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand) on the 11th of March.

If 2 years ago the event focused on practical solutions to the poultry industry, this time the company took the seminar to the next level by putting on the table the key role of immunity in animal production and how to strengthen animals’ natural defenses through the new just-launched innovation by Olmix Group: Algimun®.

Development of the immune system

Attended by more than 200 customers, partners and professional experts from several countries in Asia, the symposium was opened by Mr Trinh Quang Thanh, Olmix Asia Director, who highlighted the vision and efforts of Olmix to build a healthy food chain thanks to algae, and gave then the floor to the first speaker of the day: Dr. Bernd Kaspers, from University of Munich (Germany).

“Immune system is complexed because it has to face a wide range of aggressions. It actually has two arms: innate immune system, which is quick and has no memory, and the adaptive immune system, which is slower, with memory. Even if divided in these 2 branches, the immune system is a big collaborative system”, he explained.

Indeed, the immune system has to be faster than pathogens via this innate response and, on the other hand, will use the adaptive response to act more quickly when facing the same challenge another time. Even so, according to Dr. Kaspers, there is an immunity gap in animals that rises the importance and benefits of immunomodulator agents in terms of animal health:

“There is always an immunity gap when the antibodies received from the mother (from colostrum or from yolk) at birth are reduced, and the time the offspring build its own immune system. Therefore, microbiota is crucial to develop a good acquired immunity, but animals have to be colonized by the proper bacteria. Feed components that could increase slightly the alert level of the immune system could also efficiently increase animals’ health”.

Mr Bernd Kaspers (University of Munich).

Algimun®, launched in Asia!

After being officially launched in Europe last November at EuroTier in Hannover (Germany), it was just a matter of time for Algimun®, the latest Olmix’s algae-based innovation to strengthen animals’ defenses for optimized performance, to be released in Asia. Ms María García Suárez, For Feed Product Specialist of Olmix Group, took the lead and introduced this product that has already raised great expectation due to its positive results and unique properties:

“Algimun® is based on a synergistic association of biologically active sulfated polysaccharides extracted from marine algae (Olmix’s MSP®), thanks to innovative Olmix’s technology: MSP®BARRIER that promotes gut barrier integrity and MSP®IMMUNITY that boosts immune response. Besides, it has proved to modulate immune response in different species such as broilers, shrimp, piglets and sows. Algimun® aims at the boost of animal defenses during the whole cycle and especially during starting and growing phases. This new solution is recommended to be used by home-mixers, feed millers, integrators and pre-mixers”.

Ms María García Suárez (Olmix Group).

Ms María García Suárez (Olmix Group).

Algimun® in a nutshell

  • Sustainable solution, 100% based on natural seaweeds extracts.
  • Synergistic combination for comprehensive solution.
  • Algimun® strategically associates two MSP® issued from Olmix research to fully target the main challenges of animal production systems: gut health and immunity. The objective is to make the animals resilient to better face daily stressors and fully express their genetic potential.
  • Algimun® associates MSP®BARRIER which enhances the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa and reduces the invasion of pathogens and MSP®IMMUNITY which modulates innate and adaptive immune responses.
  • For consistent results and benefits for producers.

To close the presentation of Algimun® and the conference programme, Mr Virgil Meallet, Olmix Group’s Asia Market Manager, shared some great results of the product obtained in vivo on the field to the audience:

Mr Virgil Meallet (Olmix Group).

Algimun® has proved its efficacy and reliability in vivo both in experimental tests and field trials. In large scale field trials, Algimun® showed a good return of investment, which is the most important for final users! It results in better performance, lower costs and also in lower use of therapeutic use of antibiotics”, he said.

Mycotoxins 2019 and VIV Asia 2019

Olmix, firstly known for years as the specialist of mycotoxin risk management also participated to the Mycotoxins 2019 event, a one-day conference, where Ms María Ángeles Rodríguez, Olmix Group’s For Feed Product Manager, delivered a scientific speech where she highlighted the mycotoxins role in bacterial and viral disease outbreaks.

Olmix’s customers and partners could also attend the VIV Asia 2019 also in Bangkok, one of the most important trade fairs in Asia, where the company welcomed many visitors, customers and partners at its Booth H103-1770 and updated them on the latest scientific and field results about the range of its algae-based solutions.

Olmix Group at VIV Asia 2019.

Olmix Group at VIV Asia 2019.