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Olmix symposium in the official program of the PSA annual meeting

By June 28, 2019January 12th, 2024M.TX+, MMi.S, Algimun, Animal Care
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Olmix Group has been selected to organize a symposium within the scientific program of this year PSA Annual Meeting, taking place in Montréal, Canada from July 15 to 18, 2019. The symposium is a unique opportunity to share the latest updates on Mycotoxin Risk Management and Gut Health in Poultry from internationally renowned speakers.

The Poultry Science Association is a prestigious organization in the field, recognized for its contribution to applied poultry research in the world. Its Annual Meeting, typically attended by more than 1,200 poultry scientists and professionals, is an exciting opportunity to share and learn about the latest advances in poultry science and make the link with industry challenges. This year meeting will be held in Montréal, Canada, and Olmix contributes to the scientific program with a symposium dedicated to Mycotoxin Risk Management and Gut Health, as well as two short communications on Digestive Efficiency and Immunity.

The symposium, to be held on Thursday, July 18, will be moderated by Ms Danièle Marzin, Olmix Group Marketing and Innovation Director and filled with Internationally renowned speakers to address mycotoxin risk and gut health challenges.

Prof. Bernd Kaspers from the University of Munich, Germany, and Pr. Filip van Immerseel, from Ghent University, Belgium, will investigate the importance of the immune system and gut health in the current context of poultry production. Dr. Isabelle Oswald from INRA, France, will update the poultry community on mycotoxin risk and its effects on poultry gut health and immunity and approach the notion of risk level. The symposium will then investigate the latest available diagnostic technologies to monitor animals’ exposure to mycotoxins, with Prof. Carlos Mallmann, from the Laboratory of Mycotoxicological Analysis, Brazil. Ms María Ángeles Rodríguez, For Feed Product Manager at Olmix Group will conclude the symposium with a review of prevention methods that support gut health and productivity, from managing mycotoxin risk to immune system modulation and the use of innovative and natural in-feed solutions to support it.

On the same day, July, 18, Ms María Ángeles Rodríguez, will participate to a Feed Additives session and present the results of a study conducted with Prof. Rostagno from the University of Viçosa, Brazil, on the effect of an algae-clay complex on digestive enzyme activity and performance of broiler chickens. Ms Danièle Marzin will also have the opportunity, during the 5-Minute Abstract Presentations session on July, 16, to introduce scientific work conducted with Olmix algal polysaccharides (MSP®) on the intestinal barrier and the activation of immune cells of broilers.

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