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A low impact and healthy food chain, thanks to algae!

By July 29, 2019January 12th, 2024Animal Care
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Olmix Group shared the latest updates on its algae-based technology, used in resolving the main challenges facing the dairy industry, at The Dairy Productivity Collaboration Forum in London.

The Dairy Productivity Collaboration Forum was held in London (United Kingdom) on the 11th July, where Industry leaders gathered at the Palace of Westminster to discuss the most important challenges facing the sector.

Invited as specialists in natural algae-based solutions, Olmix Group provided an insight into the technology used in creating diverse strategies for the targeted use in both animals and feed for improving animal welfare, health and performance.

Research and development have enabled Olmix Group to discover the potential of specific extracts of macroalgae to make the production cycle healthier and to improve the health and integrity of animals, plants and humans. This was highlighted by Ms Pi Nyvall-Collen, Olmix Group’s Scientific Director, at the forum.

Thanks to the unique properties of seaweeds, Olmix Group is able to use diverse technologies with proven biological activity to develop effective products. When placed in animal health programs, these products allow for a reducion of antibiotics, while conserving or improving performance and animal welfare.

Olmix Group are experts in algae processing, from harvest to final innovative products. A complete marine algae processing chain has been developed using a unique biorefinery process, allowing the extraction of unique biologically active molecules, called MSP®. Olmix have three main resource groups: clay minerals, trace elements and algae, which are the core raw materials of the Group’s technology and solutions.

Ms Pi Nyvall-Collen (Olmix Group).

Talking about ruminants and young calves, Ms Nyvall-Collen shed some light on those sustainable strategies to cope with the main issues affecting the industry, which not only reduced costs but also improved productivity and performance, in a manner favoured by suppliers and consumers alike.

Olmix is bringing a new scientific approach to how people and animals can benefit from blue technology. Olmix has isolated several unique algae sulphated polysaccharides derived from green, red, and brown seaweeds. These bioactive ingredients have been incorporated into products that help manage some of the most common and economically important problems that dairy producers encounter, such as managing digestive troubles, reducing metabolic disorders and boosting immunity. These challenges can be solved through synergetic programs targeting all stages of production,” Ms Nyvall-Collen explained.