Greenpulse VITALITY

Bio-powered NPK foliar fertilizer with micronutrients, seaweed extract and amino acids

Greenpulse VITALITY is a complete liquid formulation, combining nutritional action to support turf growth and functional action to activate its physiological mechanisms.

Product families: Specialty foliar fertilizers

Goals: Improving foliar nutrition efficiency

Galenic forms: Liquid

Application: Foliar spraying

Crop stages: Crop establishment / Cycle start, Finishing / Filling / Enlargement / Ripening, Inflorescence formation / Flowering / Reproduction, Vegetative growth

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Increased photosynthesis

Development of aerial and root biomass

Increased plant vigor, particularly in difficult situations (drought, cold, compacted soil, etc.)

Development of yield components


Maintain optimum turf nutrition

Fertilizing turf with granular fertilizers has a number of drawbacks, such as the time it takes for the granules to disappear before the field is used by the public, or the leaching of nutrients during periods of intensive watering. To avoid these disadvantages, foliar fertilization is an effective alternative. But only if the nutrients are properly absorbed through the leaves!


Supporting turf through a combination of complementary actions

Greenpulse VITALITY is a concentrate of mineral elements (macro-elements NPKS and trace elements B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn) designed to supplement turf nutrition via foliar application, combined with amino acids (including glycine betaine) and B-SEANERGY® seaweed extract rich in marine sulfated polysaccharides to support overall metabolism. The absorption of these nutrients by the leaf is optimized thanks to OPENLEAF® technology. Greenpulse VITALITY thus promotes:
– stimulation of amino acid synthesis
– energy metabolism
– chlorophyll synthesis
– a maintained cellular osmotic pressure in cells


5 to 10 L/ha per application during the vegetative growth period

Packaging: 1,000 L IBC, 10 L can

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