Algomel PUSH

Seaweed-based nutritional biosolution enriched with manganese and sulphur

Rich in bioactive nutrients from red seaweed and manganese, Algomel PUSH supports the young plant by stimulating its photosynthesis and energy metabolism, thus allowing it to develop its aerial and root biomass.

Product families: Foliar biostimulants for physiological support

Goals: Supporting the physiological cycle

Galenic forms: Liquid

Application: Foliar spraying

Crop stages: Crop establishment / Cycle start, Vegetative growth

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Increased photosynthesis

Stimulation of rooting

Support for plant nutrition

Development of aerial biomass


Secure crop establishment and vegetative growth

The period between the crop emergence and the vegetative growth phase is a delicate step for the plant. Despite climatic hazards and soil structure issues, it must quickly install its root system to ensure a sufficient access to the mineral and water resources essential to its development.


Stimulate the plant’s natural physiological mechanisms

Thanks to R-SEANERGY® red seaweed extract, combined with manganese, Algomel PUSH is ideally designed to support the physiology of the crop during these establishment and growth phases. The combination of algae-derived nutrients and manganese complexed with marine polysaccharides promotes:
– chlorophyll synthesis
– carbon assimilation
– energy and hormone metabolism
– cell division

Technology: R-SEANERGY®

1 to 2 L /ha /application

Compliance with organic farming regulations: European regulations EU 2018/848 and 2021/1165

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Compliance with organic farming regulations

European regulations EU 2018/848 and 2021/1165

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