Algomel SHIELD

Seaweed-based nutritional biosolution enriched with micronized copper

Algomel SHIELD provides the plant with bioactive micronutrients from red seaweed, combined with a source of micronized copper, to maintain good foliage quality, conducive to photosynthesis and accumulation of energy and nutrients by the crop.

Product families: Foliar biostimulants for physiological support

Goals: Supporting the physiological cycle

Galenic forms: Liquid

Application: Foliar spraying

Crop stages: Finishing / Filling / Enlargement / Ripening, Inflorescence formation / Flowering / Reproduction, Vegetative growth

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Increased photosynthesis

Foliage strengthening

Accumulation of sugars in reserve organs

Nutritional support for the protection program


Promotes energy synthesis in plants

The accumulation of energy and nutrients by the plant is an essential factor in building yield. To achieve this, it is essential to maintain perfect foliage quality to ensure efficient photosynthesis throughout the cycle. However, the various stresses to which leaves are subjected during vegetation alter photosynthetic activity and weaken the plant.


Preserve foliage quality

Algomel SHIELD combines R-SEANERGY® red algae extract to stimulate photosynthesis, with high-efficiency micronized copper, essential for growth, resistance and leaf function. The ingredients in Algomel SHIELD promote:
– chlorophyll synthesis
– carbon assimilation
– energy metabolism
– synthesis of lignocellulosic compounds

Technology: R-SEANERGY®

0.5 to 1 L /ha /application

Compliance with organic farming regulations: European regulations EU 2018/848 and 2021/1165

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Compliance with organic farming regulations

European regulations EU 2018/848 and 2021/1165

Please consult local regulations for the status of this product.