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Olmix launches the myco’simulator at the world mycotoxin forum 2019

By September 19, 2019January 12th, 2024M.TX+, MMi.S, Animal Care
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The international meeting will be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from 14-16 October.

The World Mycotoxin Forum is the leading international meeting series on mycotoxin issues where food and feed industry representatives meet with people from universities and governments from around the world. The 11th conference of the World Mycotoxin Forum will be held in Belfast, Ireland, from October 14th to 16th, 2019.

The aim of the conference is to increase the awareness of human and animal health risks due to mycotoxin contamination. It offers a platform for the food and feed industry, science and regulatory authorities to exchange current knowledge, to promote harmonisation of food and feed safety regulations and control procedures, and to make recommendations for integrated strategies ensuring the safety and security of the food and feed supply chain.

As for many years, Olmix will participate to this unmissable conference. This year the scientific committee of the conference invites Olmix to share its expertise on mycotoxin’s role in bacterial and viral disease outbreaks during a talk in the official scientific program. It’s now well established that mycotoxins have a deep impact on gut health and immune defence, both increasing the sensitivity of animals to pathogens attack.

Ms Julia Laurain, For Feed Product Specialist, will address an updated scientific review on the impact of mycotoxins in the gut colonization, gut barrier efficacy and immune defense. She will also present the existing data on mycotoxin effects on viral and bacterial outbreaks. Olmix will also take the opportunity to share new data on the efficacy of an algo-clay complex on decreasing mycotoxins toxicity on piglets. Indeed, a recent study run in Samitec, Brazil, confirmed the efficacy of Olmix technology to protect piglet’s performance and liver health from the deleterious effect of aflatoxins.

Olmix tools for Mycotoxin Risk Management

For several years, Olmix has developed a deep expertise in mycotoxin management at farm and feed industry level. Olmix provides several tools to its partners in order to assist them in mycotoxin diagnostic (Myco’Evaluator), mycotoxin analysis and occurrence (Myco’Screen), management of protective solutions for animals (Myco’Calculator) and scientific updates (Myco’News).

Today, Olmix comes with a new tool named Olmix Myco’Simulator. This innovative App is the result of an important scientific review that permits to characterise physiochemical differences between mycotoxins. Myco’Simulator allows to display the 5 major mycotoxins, to compare them and to have access to their physiochemical characteristics and information on their toxicity towards animals. Based on previous scientific reviews published in World Mycotoxin Forum 2018, the App also permits to simulate the adsorption of mycotoxins by the major adsorbents. The App is a unique interactive tool to easily visualize mycotoxin complex conformations and interactions. Olmix team is looking forward to meet you in Belfast to present to you its complete mycotoxins solutions and services offer!

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