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Olmix’s animal environment conditioner mistral is back in the Philippines

By October 11, 2019January 12th, 2024Environmental Hygiene, Animal Care
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Olmix Group signs new distribution agreement with UNAHCO, Inc. to relaunch Mistral in the Asian country.

Olmix Group is officially re-introducing Mistral in the Philippines market after signing an exclusive distribution agreement with Univet Nutrition & Animal Healthcare Company, the animal nutrition and health care subsidiary of United Laboratories, Inc.

The official signing between both companies was made on August 9th, 2019, in presence of Mr. Jose Nicandro C. Atienza, Olmix Group’s Asia Commercial Director, Mr. Ric C. Alba, President and Chief Operating Officer of UNAHCO, and Mr. Dante I. Nacar, Division Vice President and Corporate Planning, UNAHCO. More particularly, the UNACHCO CFG (Commercial Farm Group) network will be responsible for making Mistral available once again for the commercial farms and backyard farmers in the Philippines, effective since the day of signature.

Thanks to this new partnership, we are again prepared to respond to our ambitions in the Philippines and to continue to grow as one of the leaders in animal health and well-being in animal farming. The Philippines is getting more and more important for us as years pass by and this is another step towards meeting customer expectations and market demands.” Mr. Jose Nicandro C. Atienza, Olmix Group’s Asia Commercial Director.

Moment of signature between Olmix Group and UNAHCO.

About Mistral

Used for more than 20 years in swine farms worldwide, Mistral is a natural desiccant product well known for its high drying capacity. More than a litter conditioner, Mistral is a management tool allowing farmers to keep the physiological balance of their animals and proper welfare conditions, simply and efficiently.

The product is made up of a selected clays association, dried and micronized according to a specific grinding process. Thanks to Olmix processing know-how, the layer structure of the clay is preserved, and the size of the particle is extra-fine giving to Mistral an unrivalled drying capacity in order to reduce the pathogens development in the environment. In addition, the product is enriched with encapsulated essential oils having an expectorant properties and repellent action on insects.

Its application in swine farms has already demonstrated the improvement of the profitability of the farm by improving performances especially through the increased survival rate of piglets and the reduction of the pathogenic pressure. Hence, as an environmental management tool, Mistral action is very efficient and at the heart of hygienization biosecurity strategies.

Mistral, Olmix’s animal environment conditioner.