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Prevention and control of mycotoxin contamination at the world mycotoxin forum 2019

By October 21, 2019January 12th, 2024M.TX+, MMi.S, Animal Care
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Olmix Group delivered a scientific lecture and presented the Olmix Myco’Simulator in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Under the slogan ‘Looking beyond horizons’, the 11th edition of the World Mycotoxin Forum brought together hundreds of scientists, researchers and food and feed industry leaders from all around the world to discuss the latest trends and topics around mycotoxin risk management and the changes to be made within prevention and daily strategies to tackle one of the main challenges in animal production.

On this occasion, Olmix Group, one of the sponsors of event, played an important role both at the exhitibion area -where our specific algae-based solutions and our strategies to reduce mycotoxin levels in the farm raised great interest among visitors and partners- and the symposium program.

Olmix’s booth at the World Mycotoxin Forum 2019.

Towards better animal production thanks to innovative technology

Renowned for its desire to create a whole healthy food chain thanks to algae, Olmix Group intends to contribute to nourish 10 billion people in 2050 in a sustainable way by using marine biotechnologies. The Group’s unique seaweed biorefinery has led to the development of innovative technologies to extract bioactive compounds from algae, leading to obtain more than 20 patents that have been developed into innovative products.

When it comes to mycotoxin risk management, Olmix has developed synergetic programs and innovative tools that are are second-to-none within the industry, being the company one of the key players in terms of innovation, dynamism and efficiency.

Our innovative materials provide different and efficient solutions to deal with mycotoxin risk management and have made us develop a deep knowledge on mycotoxins that we have transformed in different tools and services, such as the Myco’Evaluator, Myco’Screen, Myco’Calculator, Myco’News and Myco’Essentials. Of course, today we count on our feed solutions, which effectively help reduce the presence of hard-to-adsorb mycotoxins.” María Ángeles Rodríguez, Olmix Group’s For Feed Product Manager, during the company’s introduction speech.

Pitch by Olmix Group.

The role of mycotoxins in bacterial and viral disease outbreaks

Mycotoxins have been correlated to the increase of opportunistic pathologies in the farm and this fact has made Olmix go deeper into the knowledge of the role of mycotoxins on viral and bacterial diseases outbreaks.

It is a fact that mycotoxins have a role on bacterial diseases due to several reasons: they have a negative effect on nutrients absorption, they increase ileal protein concentration and thus the colonization of pathogens.

Mycotoxins such as DON and fumonisins increase the risk of bacterial or viral outbreaks by favoring the intestinal colonization, increasing the intestinal translocation of pathogens and affecting the immune system, which leads to higher sensitivity to infections. Besides, it has been proved that they reduce vaccine efficacy”, Ms Julia Laurain, Olmix Group’s For Feed Specialist, explained during her scientific lecture.

Olmix Group’s conference.

Olmix Group’s conference.

The Olmix Myco’Simulator is officially launched

At the World Mycotoxin Forum, Olmix officially launched its very new tool named Olmix Myco’Simulator. This innovative App is the result of an important scientific review that permits to characterise physiochemical differences between mycotoxins.

The Olmix Myco’Simulator allows to display the 6 major mycotoxins, to compare them and to have access to their physiochemical characteristics and information on their toxicity towards animals. Based on previous scientific reviews published in World Mycotoxin Forum 2018, the App also permits to simulate the adsorption of mycotoxins by the major adsorbents. The App is a unique interactive tool to easily visualize mycotoxin complex conformations and interactions.

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