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Olmix group launches Algimun® in Turkey

By November 21, 2019January 12th, 2024Immunity, Animal Care
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Algimun®, the latest Olmix’s algae-based innovation for immunity, has been officially introduced in the Turkish Aqua market.

After being launched last year at the Breizh Algae Tour in Berlin (Germany) and introduced in the Asian market afterwards at VIV Asia 2019 in Bangkok (Thailand) Algimun® has been officially presented in Turkey at the recent Olmix Launch Seminar in the city of Izmir, which focused on the great potential and results of this algae-based innovation to strengthen fishes’ defenses for optimized performance.

Algimun® has already raised great expectations due to its positive results and unique properties in livestock, and now we aim to use its full potential to cope with the main challenges of the aquaculture industry in Turkey in terms of gut health and immunity. Algimun® not only will help us make animals stronger and reduce the use of antibiotics but also to meet customers and markets demands. This new tool is in line with the Olmix’s philosophy to build a healthy food chain Thanks to Algae,” said Yildiray Büker, Olmix Group’s Territory Manager, to open the event.

Yildiray Büker (Olmix Group).

Algimun® in livestock and aquaculture

Based on a synergitic association of biologically active sulfated polysaccharides extracted from marine algae (Olmix’s MSP®), Algimun® promotes the gut barrier – thanks to MSP®BARRIER – and boosts the immune response – thanks to MSP®IMMUNITY – of animals. This solution has proved to modulate immune response in different species such as broilers, piglets, sows, shrimp and fish.

As it can be used in multiple species, Algimun® has proved to be a real asset to animal production. It provides with a long-term protection, it supports the shift between innate and adaptive immunity and its efficacy has been demonstrated in several scientific trials. The main aim of Algimun® is to boost animal defenses during the whole cycle and specially during starting and growing phases. This new solution is recommended to be used by home-mixers, feed millers, integrators and pre-mixers,” explained later to the audience Alexandre Veille, Olmix Group’s Asia Aquaculture Manager.

When it comes to aquaculture, Algimun® has resulted to be a useful tool to encourage sustainable aquaculture practices within the industry. Recent trials with the product has shown many benefits by improving growth, feed intake and survival rates in shrimp and fish production, as well as improved tolerance to different diseases.

Alexandre Veille (Olmix Group).

Trial results

As a conclusion, results from a local trial on seabream with Algimun® were presented by Prof. Dr Derya Güroy, from Yalova University (Turkey), where he shared several data of studies carried out by Olmix along with some other institutions in the recent months.

Effects of dietary algimun on the immune responses in gilthead sea bream

  • The effects of Algimun® on immune response in gilthead sea bream, Sparus aurata (6.02 ± 0.30 g) were investigated.
  • Fish were fed the diet supplemented with control diet and diet suplemente with Algimun® at 3 and 5kg/t for 30 days and blood and tissue samples were collected at 10th, 20th and 30th days to evaluate immune response (respiratory burst, lysozyme and myeloperoxidase as well as cytokine gene expresion).
  • The fish were then injected with Pastaurella piscisida and survival rate was followed for 2 weeks. While Algimun® supplementation didn’t affect fish growth performance (FCR, SGR, ABW) it significantly increase lysozyme and myeloperoxidase activity (P<0,05) as well as COX-2 gene expression in spleen, head kidney and intestine compare to control, ensuring better resistance to secondary infection and higher survival rate after Pastaurella piscisida challenge (+26% increase).
  • Additionaly, Algimun® supplemented fish showed increase production of TNFα, IL-1β in spleen and head kidney and reduced TNFα production in intestine, thus limiting gut inflammation.

Prof. Dr Derya Güroy (Yalova University, Turkey).

Algimun® in a nutshell

  • Sustainable solution, 100% based on natural seaweeds extracts.
  • Synergistic combination for comprehensive solution.
  • Algimun® strategically associates two MSP® issued from Olmix research to fully target the main challenges of animal production systems: gut health and immunity. The objective is to make the animals resilient to better face daily stressors and fully express their genetic potential.
  • Algimun® associates MSP®BARRIER which enhances the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa and reduces the invasion of pathogens and MSP®IMMUNITY which modulates innate and adaptive immune responses.
  • For consistent results and benefits for producers.