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Centralization of all mycotoxin data in a single database: MycoCentral

By April 5, 2024April 9th, 2024Myco'News, Animal Care
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Extensive information is available about mycotoxins: their physico-chemical properties, toxicity, kinetics, producing fungi, etc. Meanwhile, this information is scattered across the Web and in the literature.

The work of Habauzit et al. consisted in creating a central database to gather, in a single location, existing data on mycotoxins as well as predictive information. 

A list of 904 mycotoxin compounds was established and associated with 1192 mycotoxin-producing fungi. Existing information on their biosynthesis and metabolic pathways, as well as physico-chemical properties, kinetics (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion) and toxicity were harmonized and added to MycoCentral. Direct links to other databases and source of the information are provided to ensure traceability. 

MycoCentral is a dynamic database which will be improved by adding new information and functionality with time, as well as refining the prediction values. 

Figure 1: MycoCentral homepage

Figure 2: Example of the biosynthesis and metabolic pathways of the aflatoxin family

Reference: Habauzit D., Lemée P., Fessard V. MycoCentral: An innovative database to compile information on mycotoxins and facilitate hazard prediction. Food Control (2024), 159, 110273.