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Algae-based solutions for aquaculture at APA 2018

By May 21, 2018January 15th, 2024Animal Care
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Held in Taipei (Taiwan) from 23-26 April, the Asian Pacific Aquaculture Conference was the best spot for Olmix to show the latest updates on the company’s strategies for aquaculture, discuss the hottest topics of the industry and share a fruitful experience with a 30-customer delegation.

APA18, one of the largest aquaculture exhibitions in Southeast Asia was hosted by the World Aquaculture Association and the National Taiwan Ocean University.

Olmix’s stand at APA 2018.

Olmix’s stand at APA 2018.

Mr Van Schoonhoven in interview with Aquafid Magazine.

Mycotoxin challenge in aquaculture feeds

At the conference ‘Aquafeeds: Alternative Ingredients’, Mr Van Schoonhoven presented the topic ‘Mycotoxin challenge in aquaculture feeds”, where he provided several perspectives to analyze mycotoxin challenges in feed:

Mycotoxin significantly and negatively affect animal in: growth rate, FCR, mortality rate. Raw materials originated from plant and supplement used as alternative for fish meal have high mycotoxin risk. Thus, how can we protect the animal?”.

The expert suggested that we should “control the quality, analyze the ingredient used in feed production, use anti-mold supplement and a wide spectrum mycotoxin binder”. From there, he introduced the Olmix’s solution: MT.X+ with substrate from algae, combine with other ingredients that can bind mycotoxins, provides a product with a wide spectrum for binding mycotoxins, even Fusarium.

Lastly, Mr Van Schoonhoven showed the results of several successful Olmix trials in aquaculture in different markets around the world and proved the effect of MTX+ in aquaculture feed, especially in fish feed.

Algae extracts to boost immunity

On the other hand, the APA technical seminars also counted on the presence of Olmix Group, which was represented in this case by Mr Alexandre Veille, Olmix Asia Aquaculture Product Manager. Mr Veille presented the topic ‘An immune modulator algae extract to fight against diseases, the example of EMS in L. Vannamei’.

Based on disease diagnosis in shrimp, the use of antibiotics and infection of bacteria, Alexandre Veille provided the audience with the details of a natural, algae-based product: Searup, a combination of activities from MSP (Marine Sulphated Polysaccharides), vitamins and amino acids. MSP’s immune modulation effect contributes to enhancing the immune system by activating specific receptors of the innate immune system.

Mr Van Schoonhoven’s presentation at APA 2018.

Mr Veille’s presentation at APA 2018.

To close the Asian-Pacific Aquaculture in the best possible way, Olmix offered a special programme for a 30-customer delegation on the 27th April, entitled ‘Innovative aquaculture for more sustainability and efficiency’ to share the latest updates on the current aquaculture production in Taiwan and the application of algae to the industry.

Through two presentations, “New challenge for Marine fish feed” and “Mycotoxin risk in freshwater fish”, participants got useful information about the potential of aquaculture and natural strategies for a “clean and sustainable aqua production”.

Olmix technical seminar at APA 2018.

Olmix technical seminar at APA 2018.