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Olmix Group launches animal care range in Bangladesh

By August 1, 2019January 15th, 2024Animal Care
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Full portfolio for Environmental Hygiene, Immunity, Digestive Efficiency and Digestive Welfare is now available in the country.

Olmix Group continues to expand internationally. After announcing the release of some of its newest algae-based solutions –such as Algimun® or DigestSea- in several countries in Asia this year, the company has now gone the extra mile and introduced the whole Animal Care range in Bangladesh.

On this occasion, Olmix Group and its distributor AVON Animal Health organized a 2-day technical seminar in the cities of Bogra and Dhaka, where both companies presented the products to be commercialized in the country and the Olmix’s algae-based technology used in creating diverse strategies to face the main challenges of the animal industry.

Olmix’s launch seminar.

Olmix’s launch seminar.


Stressful periods weaken animals’ immune system, making them more vulnerable to pathogens present in the environment. Olmix has developed a specific range of products to strengthen animals’ natural defences before and during critical times, reducing the impact of stress, and naturally activating the innate immune system & modulating the adaptive Immune response of animals

  • Searup®: distributed via drinking water, naturally boost the innate immune system of animals.
  • Algimun® boosts gut integrity and the immune function of animals to make them stronger and capable of facing daily challenges.

Digestive Efficiency & Welfare

Digestive disorders also undermine the performance of young animals and feed efficiency, or how to maximize the benefits of ingested feed are hot topics in animal production. Through its complete range, Olmix’s products help improve feed conversion and offers solutions to help animals prepare their digestive system for different circumstances, Thanks to Algae.

Environmental hygiene

With evolving zootechnical performance and high-density housing, farm animals are facing ever-greater challenges, which make them sensitive to the slightest disturbance. Controlling animals’ environment is a priority to ensure their health and welfare.

  • Mistral: More than a litter conditioner, Mistral is a management tool allowing farmers to follow the basic rules of animal rearing and respect the physiological balance of their animals, simply and efficiently.

*AVON Animal Health is our business partner for all products listed.

Today Olmix Group is taking another step forward in Asia by introducing the company into such an interesting market and country as Bangladesh. It is now time to export our research and progress and to put our products, strategies and solutions at the service of more customers and producers. Olmix has made a lot of effort to create sustainable solutions to adapt to a whole new era of animal production. Now the time has finally come for Bangladesh, where we are betting on a great success and fruitful cooperation.” Mr Jose Nicandro C. Atienza | Olmix Asia Commercial Director