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Olmix group to launch SeabiotaTM at SPACE 2019

By September 4, 2019January 12th, 2024Digestive welfare, Animal Care
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SeaBiotaTM is the new innovation by Olmix to ensure digestive welfare of post-weaning and finishing pigs.

Olmix Group will be releasing its newest solution for Digestive Welfare, SeaBiotaTM, at the upcoming international exhibition SPACE 2019 in Rennes (France) from 10-13 September.

What is SeaBiotaTM?

SeaBiotaTM protects the digestive tract through selected algae extracts (MSP®MUCIN), which reinforce the protective intestinal mucus layer and thanks to specific zinc from a unique Olmix’s technological process.

The challenge of post-weaning period in piglet’s life

Weaning is the most stressful moment in piglet’s life, which has a negative impact in animals’ health and also several consequences in the intestinal morphology of pigs. These modifications may also lead to diverse digestives troubles and to the overuse of antibiotics. Thanks to the action of Olmix Group’s specific algae extracts, MSP®MUCIN, SeaBiotaTM is able to reduce those digestive disorders and decrease the need of medication.

SeaBiotaTM: to ensure digestive welfare of post-weaning and finishing pigs

The Olmix solution to support digestive welfare

Thanks to a combination of:

  • MSP®MUCIN, supporting an optimal intestinal mucus layer.
  • Specific Olmix zinc which is water dispersible and has a higher contact surface comparing to standard one.
  • Essential oils (clove, oregano & cinnamon) selected for their synergic effects, promoting intestinal welfare.

These both ingredients reinforce the intestinal mucus layer and so improve the digestive tract protection.

The results of a field study carried out in 13 French farms selected for their recurrent digestive troubles episodes, showed with more than 75 batches that using SeaBiotaTM allows the optimisation of intestinal welfare and thus the management of digestive troubles while decreasing the supply of antibiotics in 75% of the cases. In addition, a second study demonstrated that SeaBiotaTM can represent a substitute to the classical use of zinc oxide with a dosage adapted to the farm and taking into account the critical periods of piglet’s life.

Thus, SeaBiotaTM proves to be an effective tool for the digestive welfare of weaned piglets and can be used in a context of digestive troubles management for the weaning period.

SeaBiotaTM completes OLMIX digestive welfare range: for optimal results but also as a part of an antibiotic free program, it can be used in association with Seagut® Paste and Seagut® Powder to face digestive troubles before weaning.

Digestive Welfare: SeaBiotaTM, SeaGut® Paste and SeaGut® Powder

Olmix Group at SPACE 2019

All the information concerning this new release will be at full disposal at any of our two stands at SPACE 2019 from 10-13 September:

  • Indoor Booth C59 – Hall 9.
  • Outdoor Booth D57.