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Olmix Technical Forum on Animal Health and Nutrition

By October 3, 2018January 15th, 2024Animal Care
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The latest edition of the Olmix Forum was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where several issues concerning animal health and nutrition were addressed.

Held in Ho Chi Minh, City, Vietnam, the 2018 edition of the Olmix Technical Forum on Animal Health and Nutrition brought together more than 100 professional experts from Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam for a scientific programme full of conferences and panel discussions on how to get animal health and nutrition to the next level.

Hosted by the Olmix’s team in Asia, the event gave first a general insight into the situation of the animal husbandry sector all over the continent and the solutions that Olmix offers to tackle the main challenges and meet the needs of consumers in different regions.

Research as well as innovative techniques and production strategies are some of the keys for Olmix to produce new solutions and move towards a more sustainable and respectful way of farming. With the recent opening of the first factory in Asia, our goal is clear: a better service with greater flexibility for our Asian customers. Our success is due to our vision of using marine algae as a new innovative and renewable resource”, Mr Trinh Quang Thanh, Olmix Asia Director, said during the opening speech.

Dr Michel Guillaume.

Mr Virgil Meallet.

Poultry: gut health, egg quality and the effects on our food

As for poultry, the technical seminar highlighted the importance of gut health and food safety, egg productivity and egg quality. In a nutshell, algae properties have proved their efficacy to ensure a balance digestive system for a good zootechnical performance. Main message was:

  • If the development of the gut and the establishment of a healthy gut flora is disrupted, the gut will no function correctly as the birds’ age.
  • Fed-related problems can result in few and smaller eggs, soft-shelled eggs and hens having leg problems.
  • Natural alternatives to antibiotics are to be used due to health implications.

Dr Jose Nicandro Atienza.

Dr Chris Cobacha.

Mr Ho Hoang Dung.

Dr Nguyen Nhu Tri.