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Algae-based solution at the heart of SPACE 2018

By October 3, 2018January 15th, 2024Animal Care
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Olmix Group presented its natural alternatives for animal husbandry and plant growth in Rennes, France.

Attended by more than 100,000 delegates from 121 countries around the world, SPACE 2018 (Rennes, France) turned out to be the perfect spot for Olmix Group to share the latest strategies -at booths C59 & D58- that the company has come up with to adapt to the new era of agricultural production: natural and respectful solutions to use less antibiotics, less pesticides and less chemical products.

The exhibition, particularly strong this year in terms of international reach -Olmix Group brought around 50 professional experts from India, Brazil, Uzbekistan and Mexico to the event-, focused on innovation in welfare and excellence in health and safety.

Olmix Group indoor booth at the SPACE 2018.

Olmix Group outdoor booth at the SPACE 2018.

That’s precisely what Olmix Group pointed out through its conference ‘Exploring Breton algae potential to boost animal immunity and reduce the use of antibiotics’, which was delivered by Mr Mustapha Berri, from the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA).

Olmix Group’s specific macro algae extracts, specific sulfated polysaccharides, called MSP®IMMUNITY, help boost the digestive immunity of animals and strengthen their natural defenses. These MSP®IMMUNITY bind to receptors to activate immune mediators that, at the same time, will be involved first in the recruitment of cells and then in the activation of these immune cells. The intestine is the main organ in terms of immunity so animals will be better protected”, the expert said.

Mr Matthieu Le Goff shared the latest updates on searup.

Mr Mustapha Berri at his conference “Exploring Breton algae potential to boost animal immunity and reduce the use of antibiotics”.

Ms Daniele Marzin gave the audience a gasp of what’s to come with Algimun®.

Breizh Algae Food Truck & SAGA

The Breizh Algae Food Truck also made its presence felt among the attendees of SPACE by serving antibiotic-free meat and its famous SAGA turkey.

Started in 2017 by testing antibiotic-free production on 4 Turkey flocks, the SAGA project ended up by the first positive result of antibiotic-free production,Thanks to Algae. Then, the Olmix Animal Care started a partnership with ‘La Trinitaise’ -a French high-quality meat processor- to develop a protocol to raise turkey without antibiotics and commercialize them as so called “raised without the use of antibiotics since hatching”. SAGA program is now extended to other species as pigs and will be also developed for plant care application to reduce pesticides use !

Breizh Algae Food Truck.

Breizh Algae Food Truck.

We are looking forward to SPACE 2019!