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Olmix, awarded for its animal and Plant Care ranges in Serbia

By July 1, 2022January 4th, 2024Olmix Group
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Olmix’s animal environment conditioner Mistral®, and Geo2, Olmix’s soil activator, awarded at the recent Novi Sad Fair 2022!

Novi Sad, Serbia

The advantages and benefits of the Olmix Plant and Animal Care ranges were recognized at the recent Novi Sad International Agricultural Fair 2022 in Serbia, where the company was awarded for its knowledge and expertise to bring solutions to farm environmental hygiene and soil fertility.

After careful evaluation and analysis, a jury made up of several faculty professors from the University of Novi Sad tipped the balance in favour of Olmix’s animal environmental sanitizer Mistral® and Olmix’s soil activator Geo2, both rewarded with one gold medal respectively within the Hygiene on the Farm and Soil Fertility categories.

Award ceremony at Novi Sad 2022.

Mistral® and environmental hygiene

More than a litter conditioner, Mistral® is a management tool allowing farmers to follow the basic rules of animal rearing and respect the physiological balance of their animals, simply and efficiently. Mistral® has proved to improve welfare and hygiene through moisture control.

The main benefits of Mistral®:

  • Strong drying power.
  • Respects the skin and mucous.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Improves the environment by controlling moisture.

Geo2 and soil fertility

Geo2 is a soil activator, in a premium quality granulated form. Thanks to the MIP® SOIL technology, Geo2 promotes the synthesis of humus by stimulating biological activity of the soil, for increased fertility.

The main benefits of Geo2:

  • Stimulation of soil microflora and enzymatic activity.
  • Better humification of organic matter.
  • Development of the clay-humic complex.
  • Improved soil structure and aeration.
  • Rooting development.