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The blue valley project

By August 3, 2021January 5th, 2024Olmix Group
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An insight into one of the ‘blue’ projects where Olmix is involved.

As a pioneer in the development of algae-based solutions, Olmix has a strong network of partnerships that makes the company involved in several innovative projects to promote the ‘blue economy’ all around the world.

Among the most recent ‘adventures’ where the company is having their R&D teams making a great effort there is one to be highlighted: the Blue Valley, an ambitious project focused on the valorization of algae at either local, national and international levels.

Why and how is Olmix involved?

Olmix is putting its expertise and knowledge at the service of the project’s goals and it is essentially playing a key role from the very beginning to contribute to these great achievements. Here there are some of the milestones and reasons why Olmix is engaged in the Blue Valley project:

  • Olmix has a historical partnership with the Roscoff Biological Station through years of collaboration in many projects such as Algolife or GENIALG. The contacts between researchers in the field of algae, the co-supervision of thesis students or the hosting of work-study students have created strong links between both institutions.
  • This type of joint project enables the access to the research equipment and to the reception facilities of the Roscoff Biological Station (meeting rooms, seminars, etc.).
  • Another reason, essential for Olmix’s R&D, is the proximity of the intertidal with its algae fields, which allows both collection for research purposes and trainings.

What is the Blue Valley project?

Developed by the ‘Pays de Morlaix’ (France), the Blue Valley project aims to strengthen the place of scientific and technological activity linked to marine biosciences and biotechnologies towards the economic development of the region of Finistère (Brittany, France) but also internationally.

With the Station Biologique de Roscoff at the core of operations, the project also bets on developing knowledge and technologies, attracting existing biotechnology companies and facilitating the creation and growth of biotechnology start-ups.

This cooperation project is also broadly in line with the ambitions of the ‘Campus mondial de la Mer’, also in France, which brings together the entire community of marine sciences and technologies in Western Brittany.

Thus, the Blue Valley project has the ambition to contribute to a local economic development strategy but also aims to benefit to the whole community of regional and international actors.

Olmix, by its pioneering activity in technological innovation and bio-health through the use of algae, aims to promote the Sea as a common good at the service of the global agro-ecological transition. Through the participation in this type of global projects Olmix’s researchers help to enhance the value of the group’s R&D policy and thus enhance its role as a sustainable company.